Sunday, January 07, 2007

Another Lazy Sunday

Here are a few pics from when we went to pick up hubby's check on Friday. I just took them off the new digi cam, and I haven't gotten used to tweaking them on the new software yet, so they're kinda grainy.

Anyway, the first pic is Mini checking out the chickens. He likes the "chicken boks", and wanted to sit down in front of the coup and stick grass through the wire at them, but the ground was too wet. It's been raining on and off here for the better part of a week. Sorry, Mini!

The second picture is of hubby's friend's wild hogs. Sportsman's Paradise my a#$! I know that's what our area is known for: the hunting, the fishing, etc. etc. Blah. I've never been into hunting or fishing. Sure I've done both. And I've overseen my share of squirrel and deer cleaning, but if there's one thing I definitely don't see myself out in the woods doing, that would be trying to nab wild freaking hogs.

For one thing, they're mean. Very mean. I'll pass on wrangling with my bacon, thanks. For another thing, they really, really stink! Nothing like a big ol' wafting breeze fragranced with eau d' hog first thing in the morning. Phe-ew!

Still, look at the little piglet. He's a bit cute, don't you think? In a muddy, stinky, kind of way?

Last night I stayed up late working on the demon story. I am happy with the beginning now, but I ripped out several chunks of a different chapter and rewrote the whole blazing thing. I gave that particular scene a completely different opening, one with a bit more tension. It seems to flow a lot better, but we'll see how it affects the story further on. *crosses finger*

Today I have to take a few doll pictures. Someone contacted me wanting to trade, and I agreed - with conditions. My collection has ballooned this year, and I really need to pare it down a bit. I have my entire office cramped with unboxed and MIB CPKs. Ok, so that's due to years and years of collecting, still... There isn't an ounce of shelf space left in the entire room. Yeah, yeah, I know. The first step is in admiting you have a problem.

The sad part is I actually have my eye on another baby that I left at the store last week. Ah, well, maybe I can trade a few of them off before more arrive.

That's it for my today. I better get crackin' on those doll pictures!


  1. My girls have been dying to go to a farm. It only got worse after they watched the Raven show and she milked a cow. Yeah, now they want to milk cows. I keep telling them that I'll look for farms around us that'll let people tour them; I just haven't done it yet.

    Good luck with the collection shearing. I'm horrid with stuff like that.

  2. We have wild boar here where I live. But we don't see them very often. They are so ugly. My hubby hit one w/ his truck one night by accident, and the thing just ran off (they're tough too!). Left a big old grease mark on his bumper. Eeeew.

  3. Ooh, you should take them. They'll love it. Let them milk a cow or two, lol. Talk about an experience to think back on later. Hehe.

    We are surrounded by people with cows, horses, chickens, and all that, but ourselves - we only have a few dogs, a fish, and well... two heathen boys. ^_^

  4. Karen, those boars are scary!! They are super tough. I'm freaky about hogs. I won't go near them.

    Ew, ew @ greasy hog leavin's on the bumper. Hubby had a near-miss run in with a deer, the poor animal left a snot trail on the back glass of my jeep. Heh.


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