Thursday, December 14, 2006

Xmas Full Moon

It's late in the day, but I figured I'd go ahead and post. After spending most of the day working out a very tough scene on my demon story, I come in to discover some jackass has hijacked my blog. Joy. What is it they say? It comes in threes. If worse comes to worse, I'll simply move my blog to wordpress. I just don't have the give a shit to worry with it too much right now.

One good thing that happened today - I got my final, red fuzzy CPK in today. He was the only one I needed to complete that collection set - a #1 headmold, "shy smile" guy. So if you heard a loud "squee!" today, um, that was me. I now have a red haired, blue eyed 1983 fuzzy cabbage patch boy in every head mold - and a few "twins" within that set to boot. *contented sigh* Once I get a new digi cam I plan to set them all up in a group, and foto them like the freak I am. Muahahahaha! Ah, yes, we all gots to have a hobby.

Speaking of hobbies... My Oldest and I have been watching The Lost Room on The Sci-Fi Channel. We have been absolutely glued to the set when that show comes on. Oldest seems to think the mini-series may turn into a regular series. What do you think? I'm not sure about that, but they sure left a lot of loose ends that could easily be picked up on later. Like the nutty "Hey, I'm a prophet!" guy, and the return of the key. Either way, I think this is probably the first mini series I've ever watched that I wasn't disappointed in as the ending rolled around. I hope they put this gem on DVD!


  1. How do you know if someone's hi-jacked your blog? Did they post on it? Puzzled as well why anyone would want to do that to someone. Most odd.


  2. I think I've managed to take care of some of the problem. But I've had links being rerouted from within my blog, as well as old blogs that no longer exist showing up on my dashboard. On my inside panel my settings have been tampered with, and it will not let me remove or choose not to show the blog, and when you click the link to the site, it goes to a bogus website. That sort of thing.

    I talked to a friend who designs websites, and she gaves me some tips on what to do. Hopefully blogger will answer my emails and we can trace the log files and contact this person's ISP about the violation. Who knows... :-(

  3. What a pain. Bad things always do seem to happen in threes or fours or tens. Never just one though. I hope things get figured out ont he blog front. I've rather liked working on wordpress but the whole switching everything around bit is a huge pain in the ass.

  4. Anonymous11:44 AM

    I love your snowman!

  5. Kim, it does seem like it would be a big pain to switch. So far so good though - maybe I'll be able to stay with blogger without much issue. *fingers crossed*

  6. Hehe! Cheeky, isn't he, Scooper! ^_^


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