Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Seasonal Mischief

The poor folks down the street. There is no other word for it - they are prime targets for local teenage mischief. See, they have these very old, very tall trees in their front yard. I think they're elms or something like that - not oaks -but, meh, what do I know about trees?

Anyway, the trees have huge, expansive canopies that shade the whole acre around their house, and many of the canopies overlap. Too, the limbs start pretty low. Hubby and I have lived in this house for about 10 years now (thankfully there are no trees in our front yard), and if there is any house the kids in the neighborhood attack, it's that one.

The kids have been at it again. The "victims" have had their house rolled with what looks like half a toilet paper factory. Cripes. I mean, not just rolled - that toilet paper is really high up in those trees. You can't just grab a rake and get that stuff down. And it's thick up there. Wads of it. Some of the trees look fairly blanketed in it. *sigh* That's country living for you. Nothing for the kids to do, so they wrap trees in Charmin. Ha! Hopefully none of it falls out of the trees on the neighbors heap of outdoor Xmas ornaments - the lighted, stand up outline of Santa's sleigh and his reindeer, etc., etc. It would likely cause a bonfire.


  1. We have two enormous pine trees in our front yard and I keep waiting for someone to have at them but so far so good.

  2. Anonymous9:34 AM

    LMFAO! Tell them it's Christmas! Not Halloween!

    With Love,
    Tara M.

  3. Anonymous2:11 PM

    I used to do that - back when I was a naughty teenager. Goofy stuff...


  4. Kim, we only have a little sprig of a fig tree in the front yard. LOL Nothing for the kids to roll. But we did have one of the kids run over our mail box. *_*

  5. LOL, Tara! I think they do it just to see if they can get by with it. These poor folks house gets rolled at least 4 times a year. ^_^

  6. I did too, Karen. I have to admit. *snicker, snicker* But we never hit the same house twice. That's just begging for trouble. ROFL!


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