Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Anyone else suffering from food bloat, like I am? I've had two Christmas dinners in just as many days, and the family and I are still picking away at the left overs. What else can I say about it - It's been a fantastic holiday this year!

Even with all the gift wrapping, cooking, baking, phone gabbing, visiting, scrapbooking, and card sending fun, I still managed to get a few non-Xmas things accomplished! How about that? ^_^

What I've been doing...

In the past two days, I've finished all my outstanding reviews, managed to sort through my TBR stack, and flip through my TBWritten notes for the first of the year. I also set my new website to rights, and merely need to get up a new banner for it and post the content before it is complete.

I also received the wonderful news that I am an auntie again. My best friend from first grade gave birth to her first - a baby boy - only a short time ago. Squee! He is so beautiful... Congratulations, sweetie!

The mail ran yesterday- yes, freakishly enough, on a Sunday! I suppose they were running behind or wanted to make up for missed time? At any rate, the postman came to our door and delivered our waterbill, and a stack of books from S. L. Viehl. Woot! Thank you for all the goodies and the encouragement! You are an inpiration!

So now I have a string of new books to get me through the New Year. *claps hands together* All the books look tasty good, and I'm having trouble picking out which one to read first!

I still haven't done any writing on my demons, and I know I'm going to have to get with it sooner or later. I've got my notebooks out and I've been plotting how I'm going to go about this - a chapter by chapter attack. It seems like that's the best policy. I can flounder back and forth between two projects, but I know in my soul of souls if I don't stick with the one, I'll never finish it.

Speaking of writing... Submissions! I have heard that Freya's Bower is seeking sweet and tangy manuscripts, and are also looking for books for their new Angels and Demons line! This sounds especially tempting! :-)

That's all for now. I'll pop in again when I have a moment. For now I need to run. I have some cleaning to do, and some New Year's resolutions to write up! Happy Christmas!

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