Thursday, December 07, 2006

Holly Jolly

Oldest and I spent a good two hours yesterday playing Chuzzles. It's this PC game starring little koosh ball looking critters with eyes on them. You shift these critters around a board, and when you get three or more of one color in a group they pop, and the eyes go flying into this vial on the left of the board. It sounds freakish, but it's really addictive. The game gets tough after a while - locks appear on certain Chuzzles so that row can't be moved, etc. Anyway, Oldest and I found out the secret to how you go about getting trophies, and the quest was on! So far, we have something like, 9 trophies, I think. And my current high score is somewhere in the 350,000 range. Oh yes, Chuzzles fear me.

But it wasn't all about playing. Oldest isn't doing well in Geography at all. I'm a bit mystified how you can not do passably well in a subject like that given the way the news is these days, but there you have it. I used Chuzzle time to drill him (trivia style) on place names. Where is Detroit? Where is Lisbon? Where is Nice?

While Oldest and I played the board, he wracked his brain - and had fun in the process. I have to admit I'm a quite disturbed how under level he is on geography. Not knowing all the Capitals to the states is one thing, but not knowing where key cities are...? How often do you see these cities in the movies? Hear about them on the news, etc.? I'm talking about practical geography he's going to need for the rest of his life. I'm definitely going to do something about this little problem. What's the real kicker is that he's a Gifted and Talented student! If he doesn't have a grasp on 5th grade geography, what about the rest of the kids? Yet more proof this whole standardized test based teaching curriculum does not work. They'll be able to pass their Leap exams, but once their out of school they won't know Seattle from Natchez. *shakes head*

On another note, I got my interview questions from FAR, sent back the first set of book info details to TSR, and I've managed to get a bit more demon smut rewritten. I wish there was a magic button on my computer - Auto Complete, something like that. You press it and it finishes your wip, complete with grammar check. Wouldn't that be snazzy? ^_^ Alas, it looks like I'll have to do this one the old fashioned way. Back to work!

One more thing before I go... In case anyone looked for my Cobblestone Press Authors link list and found it missing - I simply moved the links to the bar on the left. No one got deleted. All the names have been shifted over to the Friends, Divas, and Authors list. I can't seem to keep the CP list updated as new authors come in, and since most of the names in the stack were already on my F/D/A list to start, it's easier to just have one list. And there you have it. No conspiracy theories necessary.


  1. Anonymous8:55 PM

    You're a good mom, Cora. :)

  2. Aw, thank you, Samantha. That's a fine compliment. :)


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