Friday, December 29, 2006

Doing the Friday Dance

Better late than never. I usually don't bother if I've waited this late in the day to post. Meh. Things have slowed alot since the holidays - including me. I put the demons aside the other day, determined not to work on them uptil they started speaking to me again. I hit a geyser of 2k words, then nothing. The minute I put the book away determined not to bother with it, it hit me... a way to round out the story, tie up loose ends, fix a plot hole, and generally make the story better and stronger. So there I was last night - around 1 am, sitting at the computer changing things up on my manuscript.

Hubby's vacation time comes to us next week. I may tackle all these things then. Fix them up so I can submit this bugger. I bet the big bosses think I've completely fallen off the wagon with this Runes series, thing. Ah well, it's coming, it's coming... Demons! Biggest divas you've ever met.

I've decided to ring in the New Year by hacking off my hair. I'll let ya'll know how that goes. It hasn't been short in - oh, 15 years or more? I know long hair is in at the moment, but I've had enough ponytail and hair-in-a-bun moments to last me a while. I want it at least chin length. Last time I cut it that short - big disaster. I have one of those very round faces - some friends and family swear I look a lot like Christina Ricci, and that includes that circular face. We can't get away with just any haircut, and yet here I am, about to tempt fate yet again.

That's it for me! Happy dancing Friday, everyone!


  1. You're awfully brave to cut your hair. I'm a baby. I always cry when I do a big chop off.

  2. I usually cry too, Scooper. I think I better buy some Ferrero Rocher's to keep on hand just in case. LOL I'm still in for the big chop, though. I can hardly wait to throw away those hair clips I use for holding up "the librarian bun". ^_^

  3. Anonymous11:23 AM

    I just chopped all of mine off last week. Now I wish I hadn't cut it so short, but it will grow back. Hope you have a wonderful New Year and a great vacation with your hubby.

  4. Best wishes, Cora, for a new year filled with joy, love, good health, friendship, and enough of whatever you want and need to fulfill your deepest dreams and desires.


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