Monday, December 11, 2006

Davy Jones, Vampires, and Wooden Teeth

I finally sat down and watched Pirates of the Carribean 2 yesterday. Despite the promise of seeing Johnny Depp in action, I just couldn't seem to force myself to sit still long enough to watch it up to this point. Well, hubby went and bought the DVD, so I ended up watching it in a dull moment on Sunday. Please no tomatoes anyone, but I thought this movie was... meh. It was okay, I guess. Seemed a bit far out there, and I'm into weird shit. Davy Jones was kinda interesting, but what was up with his voice? Wooden dentures falling out, old chap?

The only new movie I've really gotten into lately has been a foreign film - Night Watch. It's a Russian (English dubbed) paranormal movie. The basis behind the movie is that two sets of "Others" (paranormal folk) got into a fight a long time ago - those that were on the side of darkness, the other on the side of light. About half way through the battle, the dark lord realized they were creating a blood bath, nothing more--neither side could win. So they light and dark lords called a truce, and as part of that truce, the dark creatures would watch over the light creatures at Day Watch, and the side of light watched over the darkness at Night Watch. The whole thing is about which side this (soon to be) powerful boy will choose. The light and dark fight over him, and at the end, he chooses a side. My Oldest was a bit disappointed in the ending, but I thought it covered all the bases. Not only that, but it's a trilogy. I'm sure there'll be more about the boy later.

Anyway, the movie is kind of out there at some moments, they have a "Harry Potter bus" incident in there, as I like to call it. I thought they could've done without that part, but I absolutely loved the movie itself. I could watch it over and over again. It's got everything in there: weretigers, werebears, vampires - oy, vey. Someone hose me down!

Okay, enough gushing about that. (See why I steer clear of the TV as much as possible?)

I finished rewriting another demon chapter Sunday, and I'm about to start working on another. Woohoo! Sometime today I'll be sending my first chapter to a friend for a bit of critiquing, too. I've rewritten the darn thing so many times, I'm not sure what all is going on in there. ^_^

That's all I can think of for today. Oh! I must add to my "to do" list: send off that mountain of holiday cards!


  1. I'm not throwing tomatoes. I wasn't that impressed with Pirates 2 either. But that might be because the freshness wears off after the first movie in a series, IMHO. Night Watch sounds interesting. I don't think I've ever watched anything with were things other than werewolves.

  2. Anonymous12:05 PM

    I've not seen Pirates 2. I did go to the movies and watch the new James Bond and although the movie was good, I wasn't impressed with the new Bond.

  3. The timing of your post is really interesting, Cora. We finally saw Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Saturday night (we rented the DVD). We were under whelmed to say the least, and I’m a big fan of Johnny Depp, as well as the first pirates movie, too. While I’m sure we’ll watch the next installment, the excitement about the series is gone now. :-(

  4. Piddle. I still haven't sent my cards off.




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