Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Yes, I'm domesticated...

I found out yesterday that Wicked Temptation made #2 on the Cobblestone Press best seller list for October. Woot! I also had the joy of learning that Midnight Moon Cafe is a top referring blog.
I did the chicken dance when I got the news yesterday.

Today I started looking for my new dinette set. Oh, yes. It's furniture shopping time. See, we use furniture in this family until it absolutely falls apart. When it has fallen apart, we then glue it, nail it, bailing wire it, and bubble gum stick it to make it last a few more years. Well, my dining table--which belonged to my grandfather--is past the point of no return.

When hubby and I moved into our current house some 10 years ago (OMG, has it been that long?!) we took grandfather's table because it's made of beautfiul, heavy oak. However, it had a flaw... the tabletop would not stay on the pedestals. Not a problem, right? We took it, and carefully bolted the top on it. For whatever reason, the bolts would never hold as firmly as they should, so our gorgeous dinette had this slight see-saw motion going on if too much weight was on the table, or if you sit down and put your elbows on it.

Okay. The table was working fine until a few weeks ago. I decided to get brave and move this thing. Oldest son and I hefted this darn thing up--it must weight 200 pounds!--and shuffled it about two feet. The pedestals stayed, but the tabletop shifted. Uh-oh. Where the leaf should go in the center, there is now a 4 inch gap. Yep. We tried to shove the darn thing back together, but it was no-going. And that is the fate of the re-re-repaired table. *sigh* I hate to do it, but it's time to face a table retirement plan.

I've picked out a replacement, now it's just a matter of finding it in stock around our area. I want a black, Peidmont style dinette. They have one at a local store, but it only seats four. I need one that seats at least six. Eight would be preferrable since we use it primarily for holiday dinners. So now the hunt begins. Above is a picture of what I want--sort of. Piedmont would have different chairs and the under-edge would be straight, not scalloped. Lovely dinette nonetheless. (Note: the picture is just for reference purposes. Our dining room isn't near as nice as that one. Ha!)

Now on to writing! I made my 7100 NaNo goal last night around 10:30. Woot! Now to make it to 8k. I'm not sure I can do it today, but I'm gonna try. Crack the whip, ya'll. I'll slack if no one pushes me.

Oh, one last thing to record before getting on to writing... a baby milestone. Mini Bear discovered his belly button this morning when I was changing him out of his pjs. So cute! ^_^


  1. OMG! 7+K words! That deserves a Snoopy dance! *wg*

    Sorry to hear about your table. Yeah, the best thing you could do was put it up to rest. That dinette in the pic looks lovely. *g* I hope you find one soon.

  2. That table is beautiful! Congrats on making the goal and good luck making today's!

    No slacking!

    With Love,
    Tara M.


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