Sunday, November 05, 2006

When in doubt...

When in doubt about your word count, add more smut! I'm just kidding, although I am wondering how I'm going to stretch my story and make it longer. All I can think to do is add more sexy stuff. Hm...

I made it up to 5686 words yesterday. Woot! But I'm looking at the upcoming scenes I plan to write and wondering if I'm going to be able to take it over the 20k mark. Then again, I thought I was going to hit about 15k with Wicked Temptation, and that ended up being 23k, so maybe I'm worrying over nothing.

Last night I made a heap of notes, and I have the ending of the story fleshed out on paper. I'll type those in today, and work on them a bit, then go back to the beginning and add things throughout. I'm building it, slowly but surely.

Sometime today I must go buy food. :P We're out of everything but eggs, so that will be a few missing writing hours. Am I the only one that thinks like that? In terms of missed writing time?


  1. You are not the only one, Cora lol! I have jury duty next week. *sigh* All those hours wasted. Or maybe it will be good research. I'm trying to redeem the loss here, so hopefully!

  2. Egads, jury duty! Not during NaNo! I'd be going stir crazy, trying to sit through a trial knowing I had writing to do. *lol* I hope they end up not needing you. ^_^

  3. Nope...when I'm "spending time" with hubby and he watching something I don't like, but I feel guilty for hopping on the computer I think about all the words that aren't getting typed! LOL

    I think he'd flip if he knew that!!

    With Love,
    Tara <.

  4. Hehehehe! Sometimes its best not to tell hubby everything, I guess. Tara, glad I'm not the only one! ^_^


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