Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Time to reorganize...

Mini boy slept in his new toddler bed last night. It's the first full night he's slept away from us. He did so well. He slept until midnight, then woke up wanting a drink. I rocked him for a few minutes and off to sleep he went again. I put him right back in the toddler bed. He didn't wake up again until hubby went to leave for work. Woot! I slept like a rock.

Yesterday I spent much of the day working on a website. I rebuilt it twice, and each time I hated it. I built it first in Publisher, then using a template. I tore both down and I've finally come to the decision if I want this site the way I want it, I'm going to have to build it from scratch. *sigh* I hate coding of any kind - let's face it, when it comes to computers, I'm lazy. I can only stand to stare at and test code for so many minutes in a day before my brain shrivels. So I'm going to write a few lines, then hop onto my ms today. I put it off yesterday - yet again. But I don't see the point in trying to rush something that's obviously going to take me days. And there's no way I'm tackling hubby's comp without him here. I can do the work, but he's got to make all the executive decisions. After all, it's his machine.

This coming Saturday, I'm making a break for the book store. On my list: Sun Signs for Writers, Cascading Style Sheets: Separating Content from Presentation, and The Traveling Vampire Show. Quite a mix, eh? ^_^


  1. I'm happy to hear Miniboy loved his bed, and that you were able to sleep through the night. *wg*

    Since they're imposing a 7% sales tax here in PR (we never had to pay sales taxes before), I went to Borders and bought a lot of books. I had 20% discount coupons for each.

  2. So gald mini liked the bed! And, you are by far a braver woman than me when it comes to setting up templates I fall back on hubby or Bella! LOL

    With Love,
    Tara M.

  3. So, Tempest, what books did you buy? Anything yummy?

    Book coupons are loooovely. I don't have any for this weekend's shopping trip, but I am going with a pretty specific list, so I think I'll be okay.

  4. Tara, Mini seems to be adapting well to his toddler bed, I'm happy to say. It's nice to be able to sleep on my back or tummy now that there is more room in the bed. Hubby seems to be sleeping better too. He was forever complaining that Mini was kicking him in the night. Haha!

    As for the templates, erg... I usually have to call upon my friend, xhtml goddess Batty, but for some reason I decided I would like to have a page so I can periodically torture myself mercilessly trying to building it/keep it updated. We'll see how it goes!


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