Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thirty Days Hath November

This is the diary of a wasted day. I spent most of it tinkering with pictures when I should've been writing. And when I tired of pictures, I toyed around with my collection website. When I tired of that, I played cars with Mini, and did laundry, and found other little nit picky things around the house to do. I think maybe I just need a break from writing. I don't know. I'm staring at this story, I want it finished, but I just don't have the energy to fight with it. Thankfully, today is the last day of NaNo. I managed a whopping 13k. Not a winner by any means, but the best showing at NaNo I've ever made.

Tomorrow is the first day of the Advent calendar at Neopets. I'll be going in every day to collect my goodies. Now if only I could manage to put in that kind of dedication elsewhere. Ho hum.


  1. Anonymous6:25 AM

    LMFAO!!!! No dedication where it counts, that's what always happens! Good luck finding a way to finish that story!

    With Love,
    Tara M.

  2. No kidding! ^_^ Thanks for the well wishes, Tara.


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