Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Storms are coming

Mini slept in his own bed again last night. He woke up crying around midnight, but was fine once I picked him up. I think he didn't realize where he was for a moment.

I got him a drink and rocked him a bit and he was back to sleep again. He didn't wake up again until 5 AM, which is when he woke me up. He didn't cry either, just sat up on his bed and started calling for me. I, being the lazy mom that I am, waved him over to me. So he got out of bed and toddled over. I pulled him up onto the big bed, and he started crawling around, looking under all the pillows for daddy. Very cute. ^_^

It was raining hard this morning when we got up, but these severe storms TWC has been predicting have all but fizzled before reaching us. The winds are strong, but no lightning, hail, or tornados. I can't say my feelings are hurt about that. The less storms, the fewer power outtages. I swear, if a bird so much as lands on a highwire around here... Sheesh!

This coming December, I think it would be a good idea to bite the bullet and get a generator. We've talked about it a long time, but we're forever putting it off. We're probably the only folks in the neighborhood now without one. When the power outs, you can hear everyone's generator crank up. LOL It's sounds like a dozen purring lawnmowers going all at once. Ah, country living...

I'm over the 10k point at NaNo now. I wrote just shy of 1700 words yesterday. Hopefully I can get just as many in today. Most of the ending has been written, and I've finally made a section chart so I can mark off my progress as I write each scene.

Speaking of writing, Tempest emailed me yesterday to ask me if I'd seen the news over at Paperback Writer's Blog. Apparently, Lynn Viehl will be giving a free story critique to everyone who entered the PBW Ebook Challenge. Very cool!


  1. Anonymous8:53 AM

    A storm rolled through here on Saturday morning. A crack of thunder jarred me out of me bed.

  2. Good job on the writing! :)

    We have a generator cos yep, we live in the country. This last winter the power went out so much. In early Jan it went out for almost three days!!! That sucked.

  3. Hope the storm goes easy on you! It's been raining a lot here for the last 2 days. Hm... It might have something to do with the fact that I bought a new pair of sneakers and it want to "break" them by getting them wet. *smirks*

    Oh, I'm happy to hear Miniboy loves his bed. Heh!

    Congrats on your writing progress! Keep it up! *cracks whip*

  4. We're supposed to get 1-3 inches of rain in an hour today! Thunderstorms and lightening! I'm so excited!

    With Love,
    Tara M.


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