Saturday, November 04, 2006

Saturday, and I'm all alone...

I only have a few minutes to post, then it's back to work! Hubby granted me a writing day, and took the boys over to his friend's house. Mainly he was going this for Oldest, who wanted to make a little money. Hubby's friend called last week and offered to let Oldest bushhog a stretch of his property--he'd teach him to ride the tractor, as well as pay him to do it.

Son liked the idea and agreed, so off they went. I've been using the day to NaNo. I'm proud to report I've written over 2100 words just this morning on my demon story, which brings me up to 5100 something overall. Woot! I also managed to get the dishes washed, and take care of the mountain of laundry I've been casting a blind eye to for the past week. Ha!

By the way, aren't the dragonflies gorgeous! I was looking them up the other day, and came across these two stunning pictures. I found them on the AOL search engine, but apparently they are from an account of Flickr, so I'm giving mountains of kudos and proper credit to user organicpixel. Beautiful work!

I hope everyone is getting their NaNo on today, and putting out a massive word count. I better get back to writing while the quiet time lasts. This is something I could definitely get spoiled too. ^_^

One last thing before I go!
Don't forget to check out the latest flash fiction over at the Midnight Moon Cafe. Tempest has penned a hot Callista Star story for us to drool over. Don't miss it!


  1. Woohoo! You're doing an awesome job in your demon story. At this pace, you'll have the story done by next weekend. *wg*

  2. Awesome job on your NaNo project! Can you toss a little motivation my way? :)

  3. I got more writing done during the week than on Saturday! But, I plan to make up for that today.

    Glad you got some "quiet time" and mini is interrupting by jumping off mountains! LOL

    With Love,
    Tara M.

  4. Oh, gosh, Tempest... I would love to have this story finished by next weekend, but this pace is gonna take some real effort. Get the whip out, sis! I'm gonna need it. ^_^

  5. I'm sending motivational vibes your way, Debbie! ^_^

    Actually my motivation is forcing myself to sit and type something, anything, for the time while I'm there. Things are patchy going at the moment, and the writing isn't always great, but it will flesh out in the end. There is always the second draft to fix things. ^_^

  6. Congrats on getting some writing in, Tara! Yesterday was fantastic! I got a ton of writing done, and a pile of new notes to sort through this morning. Woot!

    Hubby said Mini alternately fed and chased the chickens over at his friend's house. Ha! So Mini got a work out. No mountains yesterday, but I do feel sorry for those chickey's. ^_^


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