Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Post While Baking Brownies

Hubby is having his Thanksgiving dinner at work today. I stayed up late making potato salad and cornbread dressing for him to take to work. This is love, I tell you, because I hate to cook. Baking, I don't mind so much, but I've just never been a "kitchen" kind of gal. Oh, sure, I can work a stove, and I'm not bound to starve anytime soon, but... eh, you get the idea. Anyway, I'm now preparing to go 2-0 with Turkey Day yummies. Tomorrow the planning phaze of our own family Thanksgiving dinner goes into effect. I will be cooking most of the cold foods the day before so I can spend the evening working on the turkey.

At our house, the turkey goes in the oven the night before, and usually comes out early Thanksgiving morning. I have to wonder if we are the only ones that do this? I never really thought of our cooking habits as much of a tradition, but I guess you can call it that since I've been doing this for the past 16 years, and my mom did it before me. Then again, we could just be weird.

Before getting into holiday cooking tomorrow, I'm going in for new glasses. My eyes have been hurting lately and I think after 3 years or so without a new pair, it's time. No more wire frames this go around, I think. Because I usually reach up and take my glasses off with one hand, the frames tend to pop open on one side. I'm thinking of going with flat/oval, light, tortoise shell frames this turn. Something cute, but sturdy. No more headaches, and no more lens falling out while I'm typing. (Boy, that's a sexy look, no?)


  1. Anonymous11:50 AM

    I put my turkey in very early in the morning. Like--5 or 6 AM. Oh, this sound like a better idea to put it in the night before. I hope you have a great time in the kitchen. The new glasses sound like they will be very sexy!

  2. Anonymous6:25 AM

    My mom always put the turkey in at 6-7am, I put it in around 8ish...we're going to friend's house this year and she puts it in the night before. You are the second person I ever heard that does that. But, hey if it works for you! LOL

    Have a great holiday! And, I'm sure the glasses will look great! Be sure to post a pic!

    With Love,
    Tara M.

  3. I'll have to post pictures of the glasses as soon as they are in. I'll get the pictures of my wine bottle lights up too.

    Mia, I'd probably never get the dinner cooked if I did it Thanksgiving morning. ^_^ It's usually a madhouse around here, so I commend you on getting a morning turkey cooked!

    Tara, I'm glad I'm not the only weirdo cooking a turkey at night. ROFL!

    Happy Thanksgiving, ladies!


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