Friday, November 10, 2006

Picasso Lives Here

I am a little over 8K with my demon story. I've hit a few snags here and there, and after wrangling with it for hours yesterday, I finally found a fix. I simplified the plot.

It's supposed to be an erotic romance, and I think I just had too much going on in the overall story. Too many horror elements. It seemed "busy", and there wasn't a whole lot of romance to boot. I finally had to look at it and say, "What's wrong with this thing?" and "Does this belong in a romance?"

I culled some of the side plots that seemed to be cropping up in the story. I simplified the theme, and general idea. Now, when I go back and describe the story, the premise sounds more like something you'd attribute to romance. I think I've got a workable storyline now. No more free drifting fiction.

All of the fixing came after I struggled to find the right setting. From the beginning, I've wanted this story to take place in NYC--somewhere I have never been, and know very little about. After researching Manhattan, I almost switched the setting to New Orleans, a city I know like the back of my hand, but the action didn't fit, particularly after Katrina. Moving the story seemed to knock everything out of balance. *sigh* Basically, I discovered this story belongs in NYC, just like Wicked Temptation belongs in San Fransisco.

My main concern was the distance between hero and heroine. Where the heck are the fancy, shmancy penthouse apartments in Manhattan? After all, I can't imagine a demon prince wanting to live in anything less. And the townhouses in Upper East Manhattan... How far is that from where the hero lives? Small details that probably seem unimportant, but things I kinda need to know if she's having to take the subway to go visit him. *grumble, grumble*

I was so stressed out by the end of the day yesterday, I was ready to run screaming into the wilderness. It definitely wasn't a day conductive to writing, but at least I managed to reach my goal. First thing off, hubby woke up late for work. Then Mini decided to play Picasso on the off- white suede recliner with an ink pen. I scrubbed it with one of those Woolite doo-jobbers that's supposed to clean upholstery, but it looks like the artwork is there to stay. During all this, my computer stopped being friendly, and I couldn't connect to the internet.

I called hubby to see if he made it to work on time, but found out he was at Walmart and had called in absent. He brought home a Go, Diego, Go! toddler bedroom set for Mini and left me to put the thing together. For the rest of the day mostly watched TV and snoozed on the couch while I fought with the furniture. Anyway, I got through the table and chairs, and a the toy bin, but the bed will have to wait until later this afternoon. I have to rearrange the bedroom to fit it sometime today.

Oldest is home today, as well. They are out for Veterans day. (He's home, but my Veteran had to go to work. Strange, when you think of it.) When he goes back, he has a three day in school suspension to sit through... Darn, ornery, teenage boys!

*Calgon! Take me away!*

It's rough right now, and I had a hideous day yesterday. But this morning when I got up and looked at my messy house I thought--hey, this looks like crap, but I've written most of a novella in a little over a week. That's pretty damn cool. And this is by far the best NaNo I've ever managed. I can't remember exactly, but I think the most I've ever been able to do is 10k--and that would be stretching it.


  1. Sorry to hear you had a terrible day yesterday. Seems like the whole week hasn't been very conductive to writing for either of us. *hugs* Hang in there! You can do this!

  2. Sorry about the bad day. :( Hate it when those happen...

    But I gotta say the Diego furniture sounds cool! My son would love it.

    Great job on the NaNo!!!! Keep it up! I didn't write on the NaNo yesterday but I worked on my novella and it's almost finished.

    And you just commented on my blog while I'm commenting on yours! Trippy!

  3. Is that picture and Escher?

    I have a good friend who works in NYC if you want me to point you her way for any NYC questions. They're on blogger too. She has a book coming out with Kensington this January.

  4. Thanks for the pick me up, Tempest! Things were much, much better today. I think Mini is coming down with something, but he's been pleasant, and Oldest actually cleaned the Fungus Cave! *faint*

    Hang in there, too. We'll whip this writing thing into shape soon. ^_^

  5. Karen, the Diego furniture is fantastic! It's the bed frame, a table and set of two chairs, and a toybox with 9 bins. Okay, my son has far too many toys to fit in all the bins, but at least he can reach everything. He used to whine cuz he couldnt get to the bottom of the plastic crate we had for him. They have Backyardigans, Cars (from the movie), and Disney princesses, Dora and stuff too. Lots of different kinds.

    Great job on the novella! You'll have it finished soon and ready to sub out. ^_^ I love that feeling. I've been working on my novella for my NaNo project. Two with one stone. Hehe!

  6. Hi Faith! The picture is a Picasso called The Charnel House. I thought of it when I saw Mini's art work on my chair. The little top scribbles on the painting look like his pen marks. LOL A junior artist, I tell ya...

    Thanks for the NYC help. I just need to know if my herione would be riding the subway to get to Midtown Manhattan from the Upper East side, if your has time to reply. I don't want to bother her if she's busy or anything. *wink*

  7. Wow!! Poor thing! You need a day like I had yesterday.

    I understand your worries with the setting of the story. I've only been to NYC one time. That's why a lot of my stuff takes place in DC, MD and's where I've lived most of my life! Good luck in trying to figure it all out!

    With Love,
    Tara M.aqnvnzl


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