Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Nightlights for the Dining Room

I'm all set to NaNo this morning. Yesterday I woke up and dragged around the house until after 9 o'clock. Then, just as I was sitting down to get to work, I heard a truck drive up. It was my mom.

She'd needed to dry her laundry. I powered down the laptop, and took her laundry in. Once I got that settled, I poured her a cup of coffee, and we visited. About forty minutes later, I went to check the laundry. It wasn't dry. Hm. I put it on for another 30 minutes.

Let me make a long story short: It took hours to dry this darn laundry. Mom had some heavy clothes in there, and I guess I should have separated the mess into two loads beforehand. I ended up splitting the clothes after the second dryer run. Well, heck! I have a laundry basket just like that and I put a full load in with no drama. I think mom must've folded her wet clothes to make them all fit in the basket. Whatever the case, I thought it would take forever get the stuff dry! It probably wouldn't have been so bad, but she was really ready to go home. I thought she was going to start pacing the floors. Ha!

Mom hates being out in the rain, and ended up being at my house til around noon. Mini was yowling for a nap by that time. So when the laundry was finally ready, I helped mom fold it. We had a pretty good chat despite the dryer crisis, but my writing time was shot. I tried to do a bit of writing during nap, and managed to overshoot my goal of 6500, but not by much. Back to the drawing board today. The only thing is today is election day, so school is out. Oldest is home. *sigh* I guess I'm put him busy finishing up his room. As long as he doesn't go begging computer time. I'm determined to get up to at least 7100!

On another note, this coming weekend I've decided to do a project. I don't drink often, and when I do, it's usually a glass of wine. Well, I've finally finished up a winebottle, and I was thinking of making a nightlight for the dining room out of it, like the ones in the bottom picture. I actually saw some of these in a pottery store. They are so simple, yet surprisingly pretty. The display they had was absolutely gorgeous. When I was cleaning out my closet and going through the holiday decorations, I found a string of tiny white lights. Hm. Perfect for my wine bottle. I'm thinking it will look great on top of my hutch!


  1. You're doing great w/your NaNo! Keep it up sistah!

    As for the bottle lights, they look really cool! Go ahead and do some! It'll give your place a very vintage and romantic look. ;)

  2. Just keep writing Cora! That's all you can do. :)

    I love that idea of the lights in the bottles. So cool! I love stuff like that...

  3. Ohhhhh Cora, we actually have four or five different wine bottles saved. I love, love LOVE wine! I was going to plant a flower or plant in them, I think I saw that somewhere. If you do, let us know how you did it! I would love to do that.

    Congrats on the writing!

    With Love,
    Tara M.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement ladies! I made my goal late last night. 7100 words. Today I hope to get up to 8k. We'll see how it works.

    I've dug out my Xmas lights, now all I need is some raffia to finish off my wine bottle. Tara, I'll upload some pics when I get it set up, so you can see it. ^_^


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