Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Nano Nano

Woohoo! It's NaNo day! Five bonus points to anyone old enough to get the pun behind the cheesy blog title. :P At any rate, it's the official beginning of National Novel Writing Month. Get ready for 3o days of utter insanity. If you wish to watch my insanity in progress, I'm sure I'll be venting plenty of it here while I attempt to write a 50k word novel (or two 25k novellas) in a single month. There will be plenty of snarling and teeth gnashing to go around, and if you think this sort of pandemonium is for you, it's not too late to sign up and create your own brand of chaos to share with the world.

I had a blast with the kids last night. We baked cookies, ate hot dogs, watched scary movies and had a good old time while waiting for hubby to come home from work. He managed to get away a little bit earlier than he'd anticipated, and even scored the boys a bit of trick or treat candy on the way home. *rofl* How does that man do it? I spent a little time working on a website after he got home. Just tinkering really. I figure I should get it up and running sometime for my $10 a month.

By the way, the picture today is from The Uncarrot Tarot. You can check out the entire set at I thought it was pretty cool. Really good for NaNo season. *wink* Well, I've got some word count to hammer out, so I best not dally too long on here. To my fellow NaNo-ers, fire up your keyboards and get busy!


  1. Mork from Ork you say? LOL

    We're all blogging about Nano today. Too funny. Glad you had a fun Halloween. So did we. ;)

  2. WOOT Nano. I'm doing NaNo as well. I was going to do one novel at 50K but I really like your idea of 2 25K...just might have to steal it :)

  3. ROFL, Karen! Yep, it's ol' Mork. You get 5 bonus points. ^_^ Glad you had a fun Halloween too.

  4. Steal away, Bella. Whatever it takes to finish, I say. I have one story I have to do for CP, and I'd like the other one on the side to toy around with. :)


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