Friday, November 03, 2006

A NaNo Kind of Day

I've got my cup of coffee, my Nightmare Before Xmas T shirt on, and I'm wearing my pink fuzzy slippers. Time to NaNo! I spent yesterday battling Mini for computer rights. He likes to sit in my lap while I write, but it's hard to transfer your work from a spiral notebook to your laptop with a munchkin sitting on you!

Oh, but he had an excuse for his clinginess. He fell and bonked his head yesterday. See, he's in "king of the mountain" mode. You know what that is? It's when baby views everything in the house as a mountain to climb, and you turn your back for two seconds to pick something up, and when you turn back around, you find he's standing on the dining room table and is damn proud of himself for being up there. That's King of the Mountain.

Yep. And in the future, he's gonna be playing Mr. Trip to the Emergency Room if he doesn't stop it! First thing out of bed yesterday morning he came into the dining room and climbed into a chair. He was fine for a while, then started standing up in it. I looked over and told him to sit down, but he just grinned at me. A baby's way of saying, "I hear you, but I'm not listening to you, Mom." I went and took him out of the chair twice, both times he just climbed back up. I was trying to get Oldest out the door before the bus arrived, and that's when suddenly Mini climbed into the chair again, did a Backyardigans twirl in the seat, and down he went.

We have cement floors in this old house. Not the softest thing to land on. Fortunately he fell between the chair and the wall, which meant his head hit the door to his brother's room instead of the floor. No bumps or bruises to speak of, but it gave him quite a scare. He wanted mom to hold him most of yesterday, with the occassional intermittent climbing expedition. (For the love of all things holy, someone help me... He's learned he can climb into the recliner by himself!)

All in all, I managed 300 words yesterday, and I've got to try and make up for that today. I will say right now I have never won at NaNo. Never. They have an honor system count and a verified count. Hm. I've never bothered with the verified count, hell, I never won it on the honor system. ROFL! I've never worried too much about that. This year; however, I hope that even if I don't make the 50k, I manage to finish my Demon story. So far the story is a jumbled mess. All my mss start out like that: a series of notes. Everything is very disjointed, and all in one big lump. I never break things up into chapters until the very end, so I have a story that hops around a lot right now. I've gradually started fleshing out individual scenes, and today I hope to have the beginning completely written out. Maybe the Mini bear will take a long afternoon nap so I can have quiet time to work on that. As I was rocking him to sleep last night, I had an idea how to rearrange the beginning so it's smooth. The elements flow from one character's POV into the other's in the following scene. That's how I like it. I don't like the jarring feeling when you go from one section to the next.

Well, I better get off this thing and get to work. Talking about it won't finish the story. *sigh* Hm... too bad I can't use my blog word count as part of my story. I'd be over the 50k point before you could bat an eyelash! ^_^


  1. Boy do I know how you feel about King of the Mountain. With three under the age of 8 it feels like I've spent the majority of my motherly life bandaging cuts and scraps and driving to the ER, lol

    I've never won NaNo either, but I'm trying to be very positive about it this year. Keeping my toes crossed for both us of :)

  2. My toddler is in full swing climb like a monkey mode so I soooooo understand, LOL!

  3. You can do it Cora!! I know you can. :)

    My son is constantly bonking is head, falling, tripping. He's 2. Thank goodness they're solid or he would've broke in half a long time ago...

  4. LOL We all wish we could use our blog for a novel word count!

    As for the King of the Mountain...too funny! Hopefully you won't make too many trips to the ER!

    With Love,
    Tara M.

  5. Oh, gosh, ya'll... We won't even go into how many times this poor child has bonked his head. LOL *_*
    He seems to be a magnet for trauma. This King of the Mountain game is on my last nerve though. I did notice he finally learned to get out of the recliner yesterday without doing a parachute(less) jump to the floor. He actually climbed down. That's a good sign. ^_^


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