Monday, November 27, 2006

I Survived Black Friday

That's right. I'm one tough mama. I braved the shopping crowds the day after Thanksgiving, and I survived! I didn't even get an elbow to the ribs while lingering around the sewing machines at 3:00 AM. Yep. I was out and about at 3 in the morning, kids and hubby in tow, waiting in the fabric department for the store wide sale to start and the attendant to come cut the plastic retainers off the sale pallets.

I bought the sewing machine for my mother, by the way. She's been bemoaning the loss of her ancient Singer for about three years now. That poor machine needed to go to gadget heaven. I remember her sewing summer outfits for me to wear when I was oh, about four! Mom's had another sewing machine since then, but it too went belly up. Maybe the third machine will fill the gap. If nothing else, she'll get the surprise of finding it under the tree, because it's something she really wants, but it's not something she asked for. So, she really doesn't have a clue what she's getting.

Hubby also brought home his new laptop. I told him just because he got it Friday, does not mean he will get extra presents under the tree. I mean it. He will have the motorcycle jacket to open, and if he's lucky, some cologne. He is by far the hardest person in the family to shop for, and since he had to have his early... well, there it is, now buzz off! *lol* He was in gamer mode all weekend with his new toy. He rarely picked his head up, he was so invovled in playing Morrowind.

Now I only have to shop for my dad and the boys. Oldest gave me a list that when I saw it, I let out a great big sigh of relief. Oldest's Xmas lists usually make me pop a sweat. Not this year. He's matured a lot, and no longer is asking for 50 expensive video games and a new system to put under the tree. Teen mode has him asking mostly for books *proud*, posters, and clothes. Affordable things, I'm happy to say. As for Mini, he's going to be a gem to shop for--he'll get clothes, and probably a Tonka truck. It won't matter much. He's at the age he'll open the presents and spend more time playing in the wrappings, so I'm not too worried about that. I will have my minicam trained on him Xmas morning--to watch him rip into boxes and get bows stuck all over him. That's how it was for is 1st birthday. ^_^

My dad is another shopping story... Hubby was going to buy him a copy of Photo Explosion while at Office Depot on Friday, but I thought the program sounded too familiar. I told him to wait. We got home and called, and sure enough, dad has Photo Explosion. I swear, that man has more toys than Santa Claus. I never know what to buy him until the last minute. He doesn't read, play games other than flight simulators, and he doesn't get into movies too much. He likes art supplies and computer or electrical gadgets. Looks like I'm going to have to hit the "what's hot" list this year and try to find something for him. If all else fails, he's getting a sausage cheese log. Ha!

Once the shopping was over, I went into craft mode. I finished my wine bottle lights. They are very pretty. I made three of them--blue, white, and multi colored. I have them in the kitchen, on the glassware shelf. Hubby kept wanting to toy with them and arrange the bottles until I was ready to snap him with a towel. I ended up shooing him and the boys out of the house to give me some alone time--actually they went to the Xmas parade up in town.

Anyway, I promised to snap pics of the wine bottle lights, and I'll do that sometime today. Tonight hubby and I plan to drag the Xmas tree out of the closet and set it up. It's one of those weird fibre optic trees. We bought it last year because it lights up without having to put strings of lights on it--stuff we thought the baby might grab and use to pull the tree on himself. This year I think we decided simply to hang candy canes and curly ribbons on it. They're baby friendly, and we don't have to worry about them if they fall off or get scattered around the house. It's a weird look, but eh, I don't think the kids will realize it too much.

Now for the writing report: I'm over the 12k mark on my demon story. It's shaping up, but slow going. I didn't work on it very much over the holiday weekend. No where near as much as I'd have liked too, at least. There are turning out to be more battle scenes than love scenes. I'm going to have to change that somewhere down the road--this is supposed to be an erotica novella, after all.

That's it for now. I'm off to pour another cup of coffee and start my writing day!


  1. are definitely a braver woman than I am!!! I did my shopping online, lol.

  2. Blimey. It has opened my eyes that you guys go out in the night and get Christmas shopping! Really is boggling to think about for us in the UK, who just doodle about as usual and buy our gifts as and when we're in town.



  3. I hide in my house throughout December, lol...

  4. Anonymous6:16 AM

    Sounds like you had fun!

    With Love,
    Tara M.

  5. Kim, I was brave for that sewing machine. LOL! I was standing next to this lady who looked over at me with the baby on my shoulder and said, "Wow, he's up early." Yep, I told her. And I'm probably going to pay for it later. ^_^ Still, my mom is really going to love having the gift, so it's worth it.

  6. ME, folks get into rampaging stampedes at some of these after Thanksgiving sales. Freaky but true. You see folks being carted away in ambulances on TV because they were trying to get in on sales and were fought, stomped, something or other. Luckily we live in a smaller community, so not much like that happens here. But if you don't get up early, all the good (sale) stuff is gone by dawn! ^_^

  7. ROFL, Zinnia! That will be me come January... ^_^

  8. We did Tara. Even despite the early hour, we had a blast. :)


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