Friday, November 17, 2006

Doing the Friday Dance

Finally, the weekend is here! Retrograde Mercury has been kicking my butt since it came into play all those weeks ago, and I'm glad to say today is the last day of that. Hopefully that means the computer, car, utility, and other problems will now settle and I can get on with everything accordingly! For those of you that don't believe in Mercury retrograde, or have no idea what I'm talking about, feel free to think I'm nuts. After the week I've had, I'm probably pretty close to being committed anyway.

Yesterday we had issues with the water. Today it was an issue with the propane and the pilot lights (on the stove and hot water heater) . The pilot lights would go out at will, I'd relight them, and poof! Out again. I checked the amount of gas in the outdoor tank--65%--and knew it had to be some inside issue. Hubby came home from work early to find out what the heck is going on, and while it's fixed now, he can't pinpoint exactly what the problem stemmed from. *sigh*

Picasso has also returned. I caught Mini bear scribbling on the tile with a pencil late yesterday. Luckily that is easy enough to clean. All in all, my week has gone like this. One thing after another. I am SO GLAD it's Friday, I can't even begin to express how relieved I am!

Tomorrow we are going to the bookstore. Woot! I have my list, and I'm ready to shop. Bev Walton-Porter's Sun Sign for Writers is tops on my list! Oh, and I need a CSS content manual. Fun, no? I'm also going to spot shop over in the erotica section. If I bring home anything tasty, I'll post about it.

Right now I'm reading the ARC for Cathryn Fox's Pleasure Prolonged. What a fun book! I would've finished it all in one sitting, last night, if I hadn't suddenly realized it was after midnight and had to be up at 5 a.m. I'll be finishing it up tonight, and writing up the review sometime over the weekend. Next, on my list is a book by Lucinda Betts... Night Spell. It's an erotic story collection, and it looks really good.

Speaking of books, before I go, I want to do a shoutout for a blogging friend, Kimberly Holt-Whitlock. Her book Confessions of a Seriel Bitch, is coming out Nov. 21st.

Confessions of a Serial Bitch : Hadley

Hadley Scott has spent the last four years living with a selfish, money-hungry, pain-in-the-ass husband and all she wants now is for their divorce to be final. Glen, Mr. Pain-in-the-Ass himself, has other ideas. He may not love Hadley, but he does love her family's money. Hadley decides she's not going to take his crap anymore and she sets out to get her divorce no matter what it takes. Coming to
Freya's Bower November 21st, 2006 For more about the author visit her website: Kimberly Holt-Whitlock.


  1. Hey! I'm so happy to hear the propane problem is solved!

    You know what my mom did when my goddaughter discovered the joy of crayons and pencils? She brought brownish paper similar to the one used to cover boxes when you mail them. And she'd cover the lower part of the walls with it. That way the girl could paint all she wanted in the "walls." Hehehe!

  2. I tried to comment earlier but blogger hates me, lol...

    Thank you so much for blogging about my blog. You are officially entered into the contest :)

    My oldest (when he was about 3) got sent to his room. Five of so minutes later when I went to get him out, he'd drawn all over one wall as high as he could reach. Told me it was Harry Potter, lmao. I had to repaint the entire room.

  3. Hey! That's a great idea, Tempest! I'm gonna have to try that when Mini gets a little older and I can tell him to stay on the paper. That's a really nifty idea... My dad uses that brown kraft paper to make mural patterns, too, so I could get some from him. Hm...

    I usually put Mini in the high chair with a pen, crayons and a coloring page, but he more or less plays with the colors by taking them in and out of the both rather than actually scribbling with them.

    Now, whenever he "finds" pens or pencils or whatever--okay, he climbs onto the table and gets them--that's when his Picasso sessions begin. LOL! Can't take your eyes off him for a minute! ^_^

  4. Oh, wow, cool!!! Thanks, Kim. I've been in a book hunting frenzy all day in preparation for my shopping trip, no less. ^_^

    ROFLMAO!! Harry Potter did it! Oh my, I'll have to remember that one. Hehe!

    My Oldest did the magic marker thing on his walls, but I just looked and it and shook my head. He was about four or five, I think, when he did it. Luckily his walls were Harvard green so it didn't really show up that much.


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