Saturday, November 18, 2006

Channeling My Inner Muppet

You Are Cookie Monster

Misunderstood as a primal monster, you're a true hedonist with a huge sweet tooth.

You are usually feeling: Hungry. Cookies are preferred, but you'll eat anything if cookies aren't around.

You are famous for: Your slightly crazy eyes and usual way of speaking

How you life your life: In the moment. "Me want COOKIE!"

C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me. Yep, they've got me pegged--hedonistic, crazy-eyed, with a cookie in my hand. Ha! I better start looking around the house for the secret spy camera... ^_^

Side note: Although it's only 1 AM, today is officially book shopping day! Yay!


  1. I absolutely LOVED cookie monster! And, Snuffy! They were my favorites!

    Happy book shopping!

    With Love,
    Tara M.

  2. I'm Cookie Monster too!

    Have fun book shopping. Love doing that...


  3. Yuck! I'm Bert

    "Extremely serious and a little eccentric, people find you loveable - even if you don't love them!

    You are usually feeling: Logical - you rarely let your emotions rule you

    You are famous for: Being smart, a total neat freak, and maybe just a little evil

    How you life your life: With passion, even if your odd passions (like bottle caps and pigeons) are baffling to others."

    Which books did you buy?

  4. Cookie Monster and Grover are my faves. Poor Grover can't win for losing, LOL! Hubby and Oldest took the quiz after me, and both of them are Oscar the grouch. Ha! Well, if the shoe fits... ^_^ Hehe... I'm teasing.

    ROFL! Tempest, there's nothing wrong with Bert!! Okay, the uni-brow creeps me out a bit, but other than that, I think he's a pretty swell guy. ^_^


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