Saturday, October 07, 2006

Wicked Temptation Has A Cover!

Woot! I got my cover for Wicked Temptation today. Isn't it beautiful? The talented Anne Caine designed it. It thoroughly captures the mood of my book--I'm pleased as punch! The ebook itself is coming out next week on Friday, October 13th, so I've been trying to pick a few snazzy never-before posted excerpts to share here, and over at the Midnight Moon Cafe. So if you're interested in that, keep checking back. In the meantime, there are excerpts and blurbs for Wicked Temptation up atthe Cora Zane website.

I spent almost every waking moment of Friday and several hours today working on my upcoming freebie. I hope I can finish it by tomorrow. I still have one and a half scenes left to write, and they are resisting my direction. *sigh* Werewolves can be temperamental like that at times...

Tomorrow is grocery shopping day, and that can't be avoided, so I better get back to work. I need to get as much completed as possible while I have hubby at hand. *poor babysitting hubby* ^_^


  1. I love the cover!

    With Love,
    Tara M.

  2. I lurve it lurve it lurve it!!!!!!



  3. Cora: I LOVE LOVE LOVE that new cover!!! What a great release date, Friday the 13th!!!!

    I make it a point to have a fabulous day on Friday the 13ths, just so that no one can say it's cursed. Fooey on that, :)


  4. Very clever and sculptural when they side light the faces like that. Congrats- getting your cover(long as it's a good one) is always a great day, payoff for all that work. Enjoy!

  5. Nice, very nice!

    Ugh, grocery shopping. I hate it!

  6. Thanks ladies! I'm glad you all like the cover! I absolutely love it. My vampire hero (Dominic) looks just how I pictured him.

    Kimberly, I agree with you! Doing something fun for Friday the 13th is a wonderful idea. I must admit thought it was soooo cool when I learned about the Oct. 13th release date. It's kind of like getting a little something extra in the bargain. ^_^

  7. Diggin' that creepy face in the bottom left corner. Ooooh!


  8. Hehe, M.E.! I love the creepy mask too. The majority of the story happens at a Halloween ball. The blurb doesn't give a lot of details about that, but it's a major player... and very hot stuff. *wink*


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