Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sponge Bath

Yesterday I managed to paint most of the dining room--the largest room in the house. I was doubtful while painting. The walls started out a dingy country white, and I sponge painted my custard yellow over the top of it. It looks fine in the yellowy lighting in the house, but I kept thinking maybe I should paint it solid because the contrast is so light.

Too late for that now, and I really have no desire to break out the rollers. The custard yellow looks much better than the white regardless, a lot fresher than the old paint, but I just couldn't help thinking something wasn't "right" about it while spreading it on the walls.

By the time I'd gotten use to the site of it, hubby came home from work. He came in the door, looked around and said, "You know, I think we should've used a richer shade of yellow." Uh... Ya think? I agree with him, but I'm so far into it, there's no going back.

Originally I showed him a dijon mustard shade of yellow--a burnt shade of yellow somewhere between a gold and a brown. I loved it, but hubby... Mm, not so much. Now I'm thinking he would've liked the dijon a lot better. I'm probably going to paint the whole of the house, then turn around, go a buy a gallon of the dijon and sponge a third layer on the walls. *sigh*

I chose to sponge paint because I thought it would be less messy, and take less paint. Well, I was partly right. It does take less paint, but it is definitely NOT less messy. Oh, sure, you drip less paint... but your hands! I had paint everywhere. On the walls, on me--on Mini boy!

While painting around the dining table, he backed up to the wall despite my "No, no, no, Mini, not there!" He parked his little butt right against the freshly painted wall. Oh yes. He had a nice little M-shaped paint blot right on the back of his pants. How do they do that? A little while later, as I was sitting on the floor, painting behind the deep freezer, he came and plopped down in my lap. He promptly stuck a foot right on the freshly painted door jamb. I gave a bark of exasperation, pulled his foot back...

He had that perfect little impression on his sole in yellow paint. The moon shaped curve along the edge of the foot, the narrow heel, and a dot on each and every tiny toe. My hubby laughed when I told him about it. He said I should have stuck Mini's foot to the banister and kept the print. *smacks forehead*

Getting paint under your nails is one thing, but I never would've thought it possible to get paint under your cuticles. Ah, the things you learn the hard way. And no. I did not wear gloves, so it's my own fault. But who the heck can hold on to a paint laden sponge with a pair of too-big rubber gloves on? So as you can see, yesterday was a learning experience. I am now tanking up on coffee, getting ready for another round.

Today I'm posting a picture of Marcus for inspiration. Isn't he gorgeous? He could come help me sponge paint. *lol* Somehow I don't think I'd get very much done. ^_^ Ah well, painting probably isn't his thing anyway. That's okay. He's still at the top of my hot list. Did you know he is the inpiration behind my character Dominic Lisandro in Wicked Temptation? Yep. I can't claim to know what he's like in real life, but he's definitely a naughty, naughty vampire...


  1. Oh, yeah, Marcus. He's hot. And the inspiration for Wicked Temptation, huh? Cool! He was on The Surreal Life on VH1 and he seemed like such a nice, quiet guy. Really, very respectful. And sexy! So you can't beat that...

    Painting is hard work. I've never sponged, just full on painted. Went thro' a real spree a few months after baby girl was born (she's almost 4 now so that was a while ago). I'd like to repaint my laundry room - I stenciled it and don't like it anymore. But I can't get motivated enough to do it. Ugh.

  2. Anonymous12:11 AM

    Marcus is sooo hot. It's funny, when I was younger, I never noticed hot guys. Now that I'm an old married woman and can't do anything about it...I start drooling. Go Figure.

    Congrats on the painting. I'm a color fanatic and have murals painted on at least one wall in every room of my home, but I burnt out on it a few years ago and haven't finished a couple of rooms yet...oops. :)

  3. Oh he is soooo yummy!!

    I've never painted a room, thanks for scarring me for life! LOL I don't think I'll ever paint a room now!

    Have fun! Good luck!

    With Love,
    Tara M.

  4. Karen, I remember seeing him on the surreal life. He became really good friends with Mini Me. ^_^ He is a quiet guy it seems. That makes him even sexier, IMO.

    I've got to give you props for stenciling anything. I have never had the motivation to stencil. I start this stuff and rush through it--how soon can I get this finished so I can shop/write/sleep? *rolf*

  5. Hi Samantha! I don't think I ever had a chance to properly greet you to the Cobblestone family-- Welcome!!

    Marcus is unbelievably hot, isn't he? I could never possibly sit in the same room. It would kill me not to stare, and I hate to make a scene. Haha! How could you not stare at someone that gorgeous, though? ^_^

    Murals!! My dad is a mural artist. He has painted some gorgeous murals all around our area--in homes and on businesses. After I had my second son, I tried to get him to come and paint a scene on the wall in my living room... eh, he was all out of oompah! *lol* Gotta love him! ^_^

  6. ROFL!! I didn't mean to scar you for life, Tara.

    Look into my eyes...

    Painting is fun. You like to paint. Sponges are our friends.

    *oogly boogly hypnotist music*



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