Monday, October 16, 2006

Pass the Freaking Cookies!

Ho hum. I'm seriously fiending for chocolate right now. I would wrangle this poor, sweet, defenseless kitty to the ground for some Ferrero Rocher.

Actually, I've been chocolate fiending for a few days now. When hubby and I went grocery shopping over the weekend, I bought bag of Oreo cookies--my favorite! Once we were home, I put away the groceries, left the unopened bag on the counter, took Mini bear for a nap, and when I returned... over half of my cookies are gone.

Where are they, you ask? Where are my cookies? Why, they are digesting away in the bottomless pit I call my Oldest son. He ate almost an entire freaking bag of Oreos in 1 sitting. I swear it's true! And you know what's even more sad than being denied yummy chocolatey goodness? It's looking at your stringy, rail thin son and knowing if you ate that bag of cookies, you'd be walking around with a big ol' waffle butt!

Sometimes I swear there is no justice left in the world...

Ah, well, it's just cookies. I've been getting great news all day today, and I'm going to keep hoping for more. I'll just have to call hubby on his way home from work tonight and ask him nicely *nag* to bring more cookies--which I will thusly hide from the Teenage Locust (aka Oldest son) the minute I have the pack in my hand. ^_^

Now for an update on writing related things:

First things first: the question... I received a surprising amount of email over the weekend asking questions about my latest release, Wicked Temptation. Most who wrote to me wanted to know this: Does the "An Immortal Lovers Novella" printed at the bottom of the Wicked Temptation cover mean this is a series book?

Yes, it is a series book. In the beginning I wrote the book as a stand-alone title. I saw the potential for a series, but wasn't sure I wanted to do an additional vampire book. I was asked by my publisher to brand it as a series, so I did, and depending on how well the first book does, I will continue to write about the Acolytes and their vampire lovers...beginning with Anya's sister Eleni.

Now for the upcoming chat schedule...

Tomorrow night at 9-10pm EST/8-9pm CST the ladies of the Midnight Moon Cafe will be chatting over at Coffee Time Romance. We will be talking about our books and giving away some neat prizes. We hope to see you there for that!

This week's Midnight Brew will feature author Lori Handeland! This is an interview you will not want to miss! For more information about the interview and related giveaway, drop by the Midnight Moon Cafe.

That's it for now. Gotta get the house ready so I can dance with Mini boy. The Backyardigans are coming on soon! ~.^


  1. Oooohhhhh!!! Love that panther! I'm a huge fan of the big cats. Did you know that Free Spirits is based on a real black panther in my area?

    I've been watching the info about that chat, but I don't know if I'll get away at that time or not.

    Anyway, my third oldest boy is horrible about the Oreo thing. He does it to anything that he can get his hands on. He loves pickles. I made homemade dill pickles and he ate an entire Mason jar full. I got one pickle out of that jar. The bad part is that I have to put tape on things so I know if he's the one who's demolished something. The other boys know better than to ransack the kitchen with our tight grocery budget. He ate half a bowl full of egg salad yesterday and half a loaf of bread! My husband was ready to throttle him (husband made it), but one thing's for sure, I pity the people who hang out with my son today! Eggs? Oh, lordy...roflmao!!!

  2. LMAO!!! About The Locust! I have two boys a year apart...yeah it's gonna be fun when they hit the teenage years!

    I love the pic BTW

  3. ROFL @ the eggs! Har! Well, I guess there will be no denying who ate all the eggs though... Sort of like home-grown forensic science. ^_^

  4. Oh, gosh, Tara... they eat SO MUCH. I swear, where do they put it? I accuse the Oldest of having a hollow leg. All that food has to go somewhere.

  5. ROFL! Cora and Zinnia, you two are nuts!

  6. LOL! We try, Faith. We try... ^_^


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