Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Keep 'Em In The Dark For Life

I wrote on my freebie fiction last night until it became too difficult to type with Mini stretched out across my lap. He was rambunctious and fussy all night, and I ended up rocking and holding him for the most part of it.

It was the only way he'd sleep. So while he slept, I gnashed my teeth, spit and snarled wanting to sleep myself, and thought I might lose my eyesight due to all the damn infomercials on the TV. Is it really necessary to have 20 channels devoted to the sluts of Girls Gone Wild?

Has anyone else noticed that something like 75% - 85% of those girls on there all look the freaking same? The producers of that smut chain didn't actually go out and find that many stupid girls. They secretly invented the first fully-functioning human cloning machine.

On top of that, PMS slammed into me sometime around 10 o'clock last night. I have a sunny disposition most of the time, but give me PMS, no sleep, and an inescapable marathon of stupidity on television and my mutant bitch factor kicks in. There is only so much a woman can take.

Mini finally gave up trying to sleep around 3 AM. We relocated to the dining room just shortly before hubby had to get up. I fixed a bottle for him and let him run rampant. If he banged pans, woke the dead, pissed off the neighbors I didn't really care.

Mini apparently did none of those things, however. When hubby got out of bed and came into the den to watch the news and get ready for work, he was all sunshine and smiles. *viscious bitch snarl* I crawled into a hole in the den, warned anyone away who came near, and let Mini tag his daddy around the house until it was time for him to leave at 4. The baby was yawning by that time. I took him to bed shortly thereafter, and finally, finally got a few hours of undisturbed sleep.

Now I'm back to square one. I feel drained, but I need to write. I sat and stared at the computer for over an hour this morning, seeing the words but not knowing what the hell I was supposed to do with them. Grrrreat! I think today when Mini takes his nap, I better take one with him. In the meantime, I'm gonna go pour another cup of coffee. This has the makings for a looooong day.


  1. Wow, had a round of this myself this past weekend. PMS and a sick toddler. Add to it the doc put him on a med that causes insomnia. There weren't enough chickens to kick that weekend!!!

  2. Oh poor you. Those kinds of days are horrible. Hope you get a better sleep tonight.


  3. :-( You really had a rough night! I hope you're able to sleep tonight!

    With Love,
    Tara M.

  4. Cora I so feel your pain. I hope you got that nap in!!!


  5. Thanks, ladies. :) I finally got my nap in and after I woke up, I felt like an entirely different person. Mini seemed to sense it too. He was happier and ready for some mommy time. ^_^


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