Monday, October 30, 2006

In the Halloween Spirit

Yesterday hubby and I made a run to Walmart to pick up coffee creamer. (I cannot drink coffee without coffee creamer, and you do not want to see me without coffee--trust me on this.) We ended up buying a ton of Halloween things. I flinched a bit at the final cost, but I got there and remembered a promise I'd made to Oldest about having an at-home Halloween party. Mini is still a bit small to be Trick Or Treating, and Oldest is well... he's gotten to that awkward age to be running about begging for candy. So I decided on a happy medium--costumes, scary movies, popcorn (and popcorn balls), cut out cookies, and the whole 9 yards.

As we were going through the check out, the guy running the register said, "Wow, you guys are going all out for Halloween!" I couldn't help wondering if this is really so odd as he made it sound. We've got pumpkin lights strung, a rocking witch on the counter, a few pumpkins here and there in the front window, and our Zombie/Skeleton top hat man in the window. Hm. I guess we do go out a bit at Halloween. But how can you not enjoy a holiday that is so unpretentious as Halloween? No huge meal to cook, no credit-line busting gifts to buy... It's stress free and about the fun. Kind of like Mardi Gras. What's not to love?

So anyway, we dragged all this stuff home, and I realized I needed laundry detergent. Ha! Poor hubby. He trekked back to town to get it. And that cemented our weekend. Not too shabby. I think everyone had a good time. I feel a bit drained today, but still I managed to read a review book and get most of the review written. I suppose I should feel accomplished.

Tomorrow is Halloween. Whee! The boys and I will be baking cookies until hubby arrives home from work. Then the movie fright fest begins! ^_^


  1. *lol* I have to send you a pic of my house decorated for Samhain before I take it all down. And next year is going have much more lights! I just love decorating for Halloween. It's my favorite holiday!

  2. I bet your house looks fantastic, Tempest! Try to get a picture for me!

    I love Halloween too. It's my favorite holiday. With the Mini bear in the house now, I try to decorate a bit more. Oldest only has so much interest in it. This year I had a few little yard signs out in the yard with Halloween things on it for the kids, but we had a storm and it blew them down. lol! So now it's mainly pumpkins and lights inside. ^_^

  3. When I was a kid there was a rash of people putting pins and stuff in parents didn't feel it was safe for us to Trick or Treat, so they threw a huge Halloween party.

    My dad was master scary story-teller! Once he got us good and scared he would go outside and look through the window with a flashlight underhis chin. In kindergarten that was scary!

    Family parties are fun!! Hope you guys enjoy your party!!

    With Love,
    Tara M.


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