Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! And special Samhain greetings to my broomstick sisters out there. ^_^ It has been a lovely season this year. Tonight is costume wearing, horror movie watching, and cookie baking night! I have things to prepare for the boys. Tonight we're going to celebrate a bit differently than the standard Trick or Treaking. Hubby won't be home in time for that. So instead, to keep him from missing out of the family time, it's going to be an inhouse party. I know Oldest is definitely looking forward to it! He'll be there eating cookie dough at the kitchen counter, I'm sure. ^_^

So many cool things are going on on the net too. If you're a reader looking for cool free reads online, check out Paperback Writer's EBook Challenge! The links for several free downloadable stories should be up there soon.

Also I'm proud to announce the Midnight Moon Cafe has launched its last freebie for our Trick or Treat Blog Party! Tempest Knight has penned a sexy tale of Sentinels and Shapeshifters in her erotic romance Unforgiven Pleasure!

Click here to download Unforgiven Pleasure. You have your choice of LIT and PDF formats!
((This book is HOT! It contains adult content so it's for 18+ readers only!))

There is also a prequel to this story over at the MMC called Sentinels Arise. It's also available as a free read!

And if you're in for a Haunted Tour, but don't want to leave the house, don't forget to visit our virtual -and sexy- Haunted House!

Today Cobblestone Press is having a special release day for Halloween! They are releasing several brand new paranormal titles. Blogger friend and fellow CP author Karen Erickson has a book called Haunted Dreams coming out today. It's one of the fantastic books being released at Cobblestone! Looking for sexy paranormal treat? Go browse through the wide range of titles available. Most of the ebooks are under $4.00! You can't beat that with a broomstick. *wink*

Yep, lots of events for readers are going on today, so don't miss out! Browse around, and if you see anything of interest in the freebie world, do the writer a favor and leave a comment and/or pass the links around. A lot of writers have worked very hard this Halloween season to offer up something to perpetuate the holiday spirit. I give them a pointy-hat's off salute for all their effort.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Happy Halloween! What does your costume look like Miss Cora? :)

  2. Hi Madison! Happy Halloween! Why, I am going to be a Roman Goddess, this year, lol. ^_^ It's a cute costume that is also full coverage. I don't want to freeze my hiney off. Hehe!

    Congrats on your release!

  3. I was over at Midnight Cafe. That one pic made my jaw drop! And it wasn't any of the hunky guys either, LOL.

  4. ROFL! That last guy is pretty creepy isn't he, Faith? I'm not sure who did that photoshop, but he should be working in movies. ^_^

  5. Thanks for the pimpage Cora! Ain't you sweet? :)

    Have fun tonight! We're trick or treating, but I'm not dressing up. Unless you count my Old Navy t shirt with pumpkins on it. Or as my son says, with a pumpkin patch on it. Too funny.

  6. Happy Samhain to you and yours!

  7. Hope you guys had a great Halloween!

    With Love,
    Tara M.


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