Saturday, October 21, 2006

Everyone say "Cheese!"

It's Saturday, yay! Hubby and the kids are up and about, but I wanted to drop in and do a quick update. I have a day of chatting ahead of me, then I'm taking a mini vacation and working on some fun, upcoming projects. I also plan to spend some time writing my demon story. This one is proving harder to create than anything I've previously worked on.

See, the story is based on another story I wrote about 10 years ago. That manuscript is really hideous. I wrote it before I really knew what I was doing. The book had a great idea behind it and a cool theme, but it floundered horribly in the plot and dialogue department. Okay. I'll just come out and say it: The manscript sucked. But even now when I read bits and pieces of it, I still like the idea behind it. The grammar and syntax--now, that's attrocious. But the basic premise is worth saving. So here I am, taking it and running with it again... only this time adding a PLOT. Ha!

It's an amazing feeling to go back through some of my old manuscripts. They are all shamefully BAD, but when I read over them it's a real eye opener. I can see just how much my writing has improved over the years. The flow and voice is still there, only the work makes sense! ^_^ I can only imagine how my writing would read now if I hadn't gone on that huge writing hiatus--it literally took years off my writing life. But alas, that is water under the bridge.

The brood is getting restless, so I better go find out the plans for the day. *smile*


  1. I have a couple of those tucked away too. Wrote one in longhand and another just out of high school. Every time I read them I feel slightly ill--LOL. I keep them put away to remind myself how far I've come with my work.

  2. Ahhhh, that's a nice feeling! I love to go back and see how bad I was and how much better I'm getting.

    I owe that to the group of people online who throw out their ideas and suggestions!

    Hope you had a fun day!

    With Love,
    Tara M.

  3. I know what you mean. I didn't write for 10 years. I curse the waste of that decade.


  4. Oh yes I have some real crap hanging around on my hard drive and in notebooks. But I can't part with them. I look at all of them as a history and even some of them as nuggets for a new story so I know what you mean by a good premise.

    And yeah it's nice to see how far you've come as a writer. Man I wrote some total sh@t!

  5. As long as you see improvement, then there is growth. That's a very good thing.

  6. Hi Cora! I just got your new book, looks so good! And too found your free read here, so I have something to fill me up for a couple of days of a great read! I love too the month o f Oct I don't do much in decorating or anything but for me its more for the reads during this month! Love paranormals!
    I never write, so I just read them all :)

  7. Hahaha, Zinnia! I know that "ill feeling". I am so glad my earliest things were never published. I would have to change my name and move to a remote location to avoid exposure. lol

  8. Tara, it is great to be able to read old material and know you've improved--even if the said material makes you cringe to read it. ^_^

    I was oblivious to online groups until very recently. I can only imagine how much I could've learned early on if I'd "connected" sooner.

    I attribute a lot of my writing knowledge to things I've picked up on Romance Divas. That site (and the group of ladies that set me loose in there)helped me tremendously.

  9. Same thing with me, ME. What's worse is my hiatus was self imposed. I allowed some woman to tell me I wasn't good enough to make it as a writer. It's sad, but instead of trying to improve my writing, I listened to her and gave up for at least a decade. I really regret having lost that writing time.

  10. LOL! Karen, one day you and I will have to sit down and compare notebooks. I have boxes of them hanging around. Stuff I hate but can't seem to part with. ^_^

  11. Thank you, Faith, for the wise words. Sometimes when I get stuck or feel a bit muddled while writing, I forget to be thankful for how much I've learned and how far I've come.

  12. Hi Cathie! I'm glad to see you here!

    I do hope you like the new book, and the free read. They are both paranormals, so they should be your cup of tea. *wink*

    I love the October reads too--paranormals are my thing, and there are so many great titles coming out this month I'm not quite sure where to start. ^_^


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