Saturday, October 14, 2006

Dance With Me, Elmo!

Hurray for Saturday! Hubby is home, the boys are feeling spry, and it's pretty outside. Now that has the making of a good day. ^_^ We're going to do some shopping, and I think Oldest wants his daddy to take him out to the bike trails. If they do that, I'll probably stay home and catch up on this mountain of laundry that has accumulated.

Last night's chat over at Cobblestone Press went pretty well. No huge crowds, but folks did pop in here and there to ask questions and say congrats. It was pleasant and "homey" feeling. Can't ask for more than that! Also, congrats to Deb, who won a copy of Wicked Temptation. Woot! I hope you like the book.

That's about it for me. I need to go hop in the shower before I do anything else. Oh! Just one last thing... I'm going to be over at the Ciar Cullen chat group on and off throughout the day with the other ladies of the Midnight Moon Cafe. We'll be posting excerpts and promoting our books. I will also be giving away a copy of Wicked Temptation to a lucky poster, so I hope you'll drop by and say hello!


  1. I prefer loop chats. I have a tough time keeping up with the live ones and those chat rooms are terrible about freezing up my pc.

    Pretty here today too, but brrr...

  2. Btw, love that pumpkin moon below and I replied to the tag I did to you too, lol...

  3. Sorry I couldn't stay long last night...Friday night chats are always hard for me cos of my starving kiddos.

    Glad you're having a good day. I'm sick so I'm having a so-so day. I'm about to respond to your tag post on my blog so see ya...


  4. Sorry I missed it!!! We have bowling on Friday's...not something I can get out of! Glad it was a hit though!

    With Love,
    Tara M.

  5. My pc needs no provokation to freeze up, Zinnia, lol. ^_^ I went down and commented to your pumpkin post, btw.

  6. Glad you could stop by for as long as you did, Karen! I know how hard it is to keep the kiddies settled during chat time. lol!

    I hope you get to feeling better soon. Get some rest and take plenty of that A/S Cold plus! ~.^

  7. Hi Tara! The chat went pretty well. Very relaxed and easy going. How did the bowling go with you? I hope you won! :-)


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