Monday, October 23, 2006

Counting The Days...

Halloween is almost here! My nomination for Mr. Hottie of SamHain is none other than the delicious Brandon Lee. Although he is no longer with us, he is still a sexy sight to behold. Ripped abs and sleek leather pants! How can you go wrong? He gets my "grade A" stamp of approval for being just plain gorgeous.

Now on to other things...

Over the weekend I decided to get the house ready for the upcoming holidays, and let me tell you, I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.

I started in the baby's room, went on to the 1st bathroom--throwing out everything old and stuff I knew we'd never use. I then cleaned out my office--holy cow, what a job!!! Then I moved on to the back bedroom.

I must say, I have been putting off the master bedroom for a long time. The room itself is clutter free. I hate clutter and will toss it as soon as I find it. However, there is this one closet...

Perhaps a few of you have one of those in your house. The closet. The one where you're afraid to open the door in case boxes, bats, or whatever else might come flying out of it?

Anyway, that's the closet I'm talking about. Before I go on, I must say our house is nothing spectacular, just a country ranch style. We have four bedrooms, which is perfect for us, but when we first moved in the place it was sadly lacking storage space. Two of the bedrooms had absolutely NO closets.

Me, being a closet freak ( a closet freak, not a closet freak--just to clarify!), I had to have at least one walk-in closet to be able to exist in the house. So, as hubby promised, after living in the house for about four years, he finally built one for me.

Actually, he built it to use to hold our esoterica things, but a few years down the road it actually became the closet I requested, because we received a surprise visit from the stork. That suprise visit crept up on us like something hidden in the night, and forced us at the very last minute, to cram every possible storage container in the house into that one walk-in closet. And we did that job to the absolute best of our ability. There were bins packed in that space all the way up to the ceiling.

I also distinctly remember knowing exatly what was in those boxes, while we were packing them away--and no one would dare argue with me because I was 8 months pregnant and therefore I knew everything. Things we needed were in one box, Oldest's baby clothes in another, a mountain of paper backs in this box... Keepsakes from heaven only knows what in that one in the corner.

Well, yesterday, hubby brought home the new bookcase I requested a few months ago, and its arrival heralded the dreadful task to come. The whole closet had to be rearranged so we could shove an old footlocker in there. See, the footlocker sat right where I wanted the bookcase. So, thusly the cleaning begins... First order of business: the storage boxes had to be sorted. All of them.

Cripes, what a job! It took six hours to clean out that one closet. And I must claim temporary insanity when I told everyone I knew what was in those said boxes. While I was throwing away the majority of the crap in these bins, I was thinking to myself--I wanted to rent a storage building to keep this junk?!

Oldest son came out of the wood work by the time I'd widdled my way through the top layer. See, I hit this wellspring of punk/new wave clothes that belonged to hubby and Cora version 1.0. Oh, yeah. I'm talking leather things, stripey tights and spikey things, doc martens older than my son, spiderweb printed gear, and enough silver jewelry to weigh down Charles Atlas.

There were bondage pants in there from before there was such a thing as bondage pants. I'm telling you, Oldest was going B-A-N-A-N-A-S. And I quote: "This is like shopping at Hot Topic--for free!" He could not believe his mom and dad were ever anything but frumpy, boring, responsible people. He also couldn't believe all this stuff was DIY. I had to explain to him there was no such thing as Hot Topic back in the day.

Oldest helped me clean down to the bottom layer of boxes after the initial discovery. And I couldn't believe all the mess that we had in there. Maybe 4 percent of the contents was worth anything. I saved some pictures I found, the holiday decorations, and a box of baby souvenirs from when Oldest was an infant. I found a box of Oldest's baby toys, and after much arguing with him, I gave them all to Mini. Oh, for Pete's sake... He got all the punk stuff after all! Why shouldn't Mini get something out of it?

The rest of the stuff ended up going to the dumpsters. Out of 30 storage boxes, I now have 7 in the closet. Ha! As it turns out, we didn't even have as many books to go on the new bookcase as we thought. *shrugs*

Next: on to painting. I have a seasponge and a bucket of Custard yellow paint ready to go. I'm going to go room to room this week, and paint everything as time allows. Oh boy... I can't help but wonder what I'm getting myself into now.


  1. Shopping at Hot Topic for Free? ROFLMAO!

    I need to do the same to my office. OMG, what a freakin' mess it is!!!

    Oh, and I agree about Mr. Lee. Hubba-hubba!

  2. Aaaah... I love "The Crow." I've watched it every time they show it on TV.

    What's wrong with this generation? They think they're so original because they wear chains, leather and black clothers and dye their hair in bright colors? HA! I did that almost 30 yrs ago.

    As for painting, if I were there, I'd help you. I loooove painting. Last Yuletide I painted my new house inside, all the doors, and the closets (inside and the doors too). I don't mind painting, but those oil-based paints I had to use for the closet doors... ugh! But I've got my peach and yellow closets. Hahaha!

  3. That's great about that clothes in the closet and your sons reaction! LOL. I don't think I've kept anything for more than a few years.

  4. Brandon Lee was hot.

    I don't envy you with the cleaning!!! LOL I did that a few weeks ago, three hours later, I didn't get everything I wanted done!

    With Love,
    Tara M.


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