Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Who Dat Rockin' the Dome!

23-3 Victory! Goooo Saints! ^_^ Miniboy and I stayed up late last night watching the Saints/Falcons game, and boy was it worth it! It kicked off with Green Day and U2 at the opening ceremony, and their version of House of the Rising Sun nearly brought down the house! Dear Hubby and I were teary eyed hearing the songs they reworked around Katrina. Then, barely a minute into the game, Atlanta did a butterfingers with the punt return, and Curtis DeLoach fell on the ball for a touchdown. Okay, ya'll... I was glued from there.

It means so much to have the Saints back home. Over the past year or so what with all the talk of the Saints permanently relocating, hubby and I were only two of the many people upset at the possibility of losing our team. We're glad to have them back for good. Welcome home Saints!

New Orleans Saints
Saints/Falcons Game Highlights


  1. I was really rooting for the Saints! It's so good they finally have their playing field back!!!

    With Love,
    Tara M.

  2. My husband told me about this game -- mentioned the Falcons looked horrible.

    BTW -- I saw the Saints play in the Superdome waaaaaaay back when they were still known as The Ain'ts.

  3. Thanks ladies. We're really glad to have them back. Louisiana doesn't have much by way of teams and stuff, so we were worried about our football team. ^_^

    Lynn, lol @ The Ain'ts! Yep, they do have quite history of disparaging losing streaks. Hubby and I tease around that that's how you tell a true Saints fan... they stick around even when the gaming sucks. ^_^ Oh, but to be in New Orleans while there's a game going on... win or lose, what a party!


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