Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday Things A-Brewin'

I have spent most of the day playing with Miniboy, sweeping chunks of dog hair OFF THE DOG (cripes!!), and fighting with Blogger. All in all, it's been a good day. I managed to get my house into some semblance of order, did some writing, bought some future contest prizes, and even made arrangements to do some promoting for my upcoming vampire novella Wicked Temptation.

Speaking of writing and novellas, my freebie story still doesn't have a title. Perhaps I should go and try one of those crackpot title generators. I've been busting my brain over this, and if I don't come up with something soon, I just may try it!

On another note, I am gearing up for Halloween! Oh, yes, big kid that I am, I want a costume this year. And cookies. And those funky plastic gravestones to stick up in the front yard. There is just something about having little bitties in the house with you that makes you want to celebrate with a whole heart.

Well, after goofing around the entire morning, I better hit the laundry bin before we start having to swim through Oldest's stinky gym socks to get through the hallway. *groan*

LAST MINUTE REMINDER: I want mention that LaSara Firefox's interview has gone live over at the Midnight Moon Cafe.Be sure to drop by and check that out. You might even win a copy of LaSara's new book, Sexy Witch!


  1. Ohhhhhh I LOVE Halloween!!!!

    With Love,
    Tara M.

  2. Hehehe! I'm gearing towards Samhain too. I've already checked the orange and green lights to make sure they work. I cleaned the 3-feet-tall cat dressed up in his trick-n-treat costume. I might buy a few more decorations. I'm putting everything up on Oct. 1. *wg*

  3. Halloween is my favorite holiday of the entire year. I'm not a fant of Thanksgiving or Christmas. Yeah, I know. Call me Scrooge, but those two holidays are just stress and money problem holidays. Give me fun and lots of chocolate, lol!

  4. I hear you, ladies!

    We love Halloween around here. I have dusted off the window bats, and the caldron of other decorations.

    Faith, you totally hit on the Halloween thing with me. I dread Xmas most of the time. I have to start shopping months in advance, and it's plain stressful to worry over finances that time of year. Now Halloween, that's another story... I can dig the baking and buying bags of candy. Too, no one faults you for dressing like a goof. In fact, some people even give you candy for it. What's not to love? ^_^

  5. I'll chime in here too. I like Halloween, but I love fall. Pumpkins, gourds, the aroma of drying leaves, cool nights...


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