Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sweep It All Into the Fireplace

I have spent the better part of the day cleaning closets. How in the hell did we accumulate so much clutter? It started yesterday as I was delivering laundry to my oldest son's room. I made the mistake of going inside, and what I saw made me flinch in mortal agony. We have always teasingly called his room the "fungus cave", but this atrocious garbage was too much. I grabbed a trash bag and began cleaning house.

Oldest son's room is the only room I have gated the baby from, and thank goodness for that! I tore his closet apart and pulled out shit I haven't seen in ten years--like his crutches from a million years ago when he tore a ligament in that car accident. There were boxes--and I am talking big plastic storage BOXES large enough for me to climb into if they were empty--of toys and books. JUNK! I dragged them into the center of the room, they were almost too heavy to move, and when he got home I had him cart them out into the dining room to be sorted. From there I threw out just about all of it--mismatched Legos, broken Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles... good grief. What does he need that mess for? I tucked the box of books into the closet in my and hubby's room. The books are for middle readers, and one day Miniboy will likely want them. Hand-me-downs from his bubba. Anyway, once I finished that, I had to go and rearrange the closet in the master bedroom to accomodate the new box of books in there.

I ended up throwing away racks of clothes. I'm talking stuff from the grunge era. Everything from my old Wolverine T-shirts that are so thin you can see through them, to old Mojo Wear shirts and dusty combat boots. I'm surprised moths didn't come fluttering out of there. My closet is a vintage crypt for bad fashion. Why was I keeping this stuff? You know what's even worse? Now that I've tossed that junk away, I will start to miss it. Give me a month to forget, then suddenly I'll want to wear a shirt I haven't seen in 8 years. I'll go to fish it out and think suddenly: Damn, why did I get rid of that?


  1. Ahhh the grunge era! LOL

    With Love,
    Tara M.

  2. I have a pack rat husband. He probably still has his retainer. LOL

    I always worried what our kids would be like if we had any. A compulsive pack rat who misplaces stuff on a daily basis and goes ape-shit and a ditzy dame who turns her spare room into a split laboratory/writing room. LOL

  3. Oh, I’m pitiful, Cora. I need you to come over to my house and purge my closets! LOL I’m a bona fide, card-carrying packrat. I have tons of precious junk and all-important crap that I’ve convinced myself will positively come in handy one day…or will make me richer than God when I sell it on eBay in the distant future.

    This last year I’ve been very good, getting rid of much of the stuff that’s older than my grown daughter. But when I come to the clothes I hesitate. Most of the ancient stuff I’m tossing has come full circle and is cool again. Unfortunately, my middle-aged body clad in clothes from when I was twenty-something just spoils the effect. ;-)

  4. It's not my older kids that I have trouble with regarding their rooms, it's the next to the youngest. ACK! I could run screaming into the night just from glancing in that bedroom!

  5. Tara: Oh, yes, grunge... *lol* ^_^

    CC: Same here. We are all packrats of some kind. I'm less of a clutter packrat, but one nonetheless. I have more dolls than I do space. I won't even get started on boots. Does anyone really need 20 pairs of boots? *sigh* It's an illness, I swear it.

    Daisy: Great to see you here, Daisy! I love how you termed your stuff "precious junk". I know exactly what you mean by that. It's a veritable gold mine of nifty things for us, but alas in the end ... *shakes head* ^_^

    Zinnia: You are describing my oldest's bedroom. I swear it's true. It makes me want to run screaming into the countryside whenever he tells me, "But mom, I did clean it."


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