Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Something is Afoot at the Midnight Moon Cafe!

In September, October and November, The Midnight Moon Cafe will host guest author Q&A's we like to call Midnight Brew. Our first Midnight Brew will be this Thursday, September 14th, with author and sexual empowerment expert LaSara FireFox.

LaSara FireFox is a writer, ritualist, sex-positive activist and educator, and designer/facilitator of a wide variety of interactive, exploration-based workshops. She has been featured on Sony Pictures Television’s Life & Style, Playboy TV’s Sexcetera, Canada’s Sex TV, and Dr. Block’s Speakeasy. You may have recently seen her on HBO TV's (Penn & Teller's Bullshit) segment on abstinence.

LaSara believes that the most revolutionary, and perhaps evolutionary, act we can engage in is to become healthy, strong and empowered. By encouraging women to move from body shame to body acceptance, from genital shame to pussy pride, and from sexual fear and disempowerment to a new, self-defined relationship with their own sexuality.

With the publication of her latest book, Sexy Witch, Ms. FireFox helps initiate readers into the mysteries of their own bodies, psyches and power. Her website is www.lasara.us

We'll also be giving away a copy of Ms. FireFox's book, Sexy Witch, to one lucky reader! So mark your calenders for September 14!

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  1. OMG! Her book is soooooo good! It's full of...er... ideas. *wicked wink*


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