Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Season For Reviews

Fabulous friend and paranormal divaTempest Knight emailed me the other day to tell me I had received 5 Magical Wands for Crossing Borders over at Enchanted Ramblings. Awesome!

Here's what Tralana from Enchanted Ramblings Reviews had to say:

Laney’s brother asked her to keep things in their werewolf pack moving smoothly while he was gone for a while. She knows it won’t be a problem. Until Cole shows up again. This time to claim her as his mate.

This was a nice, quick read. Cole is another alpha to love, after all he came after Laney, risking death to claim her. The sex was hot, their situation dangerous, the story fast. I enjoyed Ms Zane’s writing, and look forward to reading a longer story by her.

You won't have to wait much longer for a full length Werekind novel, Ms. Tralana. I have one in the works as I'm tying this!
There is also a hot new review for Crossing Borders over at Literary Nymphs!

Rating: 4 Nymphs
Reviewer: Carolina Nymph

Crossing Borders is a great short story about Laney and Cole. They are both shape shifters who used to live in the same pack and had a romantic relationship in the past. Seth, Laney’s brother, threw Cole out of the pack and out of pack territory. Cole has been setting up his own pack and waiting for just the right time to come and make Laney his mate. Both Laney and Cole wanted to be together but they had to go through Seth to live happily ever after. Cole has to fight for Laney and she has to take a stand against her brother.

This story had strong characters and a great plot with wonderful love scenes and gritty fight scenes. Take time to read this book. Readers of paranormal romance will enjoy it.

*dance, dance* *shimmy, shimmy* *Time Warp* *booty wiggle*

Ah, Zen... I feel like I just ate a whole box of chocolates all by myself. ^_^
And the good news doesn't end there! I also received a very nice review for Bonding Experience from Literary Nymphs.

Nymphs Rating: 3.5
Nymphs Reviewer: Northern Nymph

Claire and Luke are part of the same werewolf pact. Like most kids that grew up together Luke tormented Claire and she ran for her life. Now that they are adults the council has decided that they should be mated and Claire is not happy. However, things may not be what they seem…..Luke is very happy and may have had a little hand in making sure they end up together for life. Can Claire believe that he truly loves her?

Cora Zane created a fun and sexy story to read. You can feel the angst that Claire feels, the frustration for Luke and it is fun ride from beginning to end. Sometimes things are just meant to be……

Talk about feeling like a snazzy peach!

All these sexy hot titles are currently available from Cobblestone Press!

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  1. Oooh Cora... *blushes deeply* Thanks for blogging about my review.

    Congrats on your reviews! Both of your werewolf stories are getting awesome reviews. And you deserve every good word they say about them. *wg*


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