Monday, September 11, 2006

Scavenger Hunt, Cool banners, and the MMC

Tempest Knight, the multi-talented blog diva and author of the sexy hot vampire novella Enduring Promise, has created this Midnight Moon Cafe banner for our viewing pleasure. Isn't it lovely?

I wanted to post a reminder there is a HUGE scavenger hunt going on over at Midnight Moon Cafe, and there are tons of snazzy prizes left to be won! Be sure to read all the rules, as you must send an email to register yourself for the hunt.

Also, the new flash fiction is up over at the MMC, courtesy of the multi-talented writing diva Cassandra Curtis. Don't miss some free, sexy hot reading! ^_^


  1. Oh thanks for the kind words about the banner! I know you like it because of the hottie there. *winks*


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