Monday, September 04, 2006

Research, Writing, and Other Stuff

I hate to do research on anything. Typically when writing I stick with what I know, or on the chance that I branch out into unknown territory, I generalize. I'm working on a story now where that's impossible. The setting is a bit out of my realm of expertise, but it's integral to the story, so I have to do research. I swear, it's like being a kid again and knowing you have to do that book report when you really, really don't wanna! Ha!

I don't mind reading, but it's remembering! Call it old age, call it what you like, but I find I have to keep my notes very close at hand because I can't remember the important facts about the geography of the story setting to save my life. *sigh* One of these days I'll be able take a trip to research. Until now, I'll have to stick with a Compaq tour of the globe. Erg. The longer I research, the more I want to take a freaking nap!

On to other things... Did you hear about the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin? My son used to watch that show on Animal Planet all the time. Anyway, Steve Irwin died yesterday (Australia is a day ahead of the US--so it reads he died on Monday). He got hit by a stingray barb. Apparently the barb went up under his rib cake a pierced a hole in his heart. *_* Here's the AOL news story link: Crocodile Hunter Dies at 44

I just sent hubby to the store for coffee ice cream and cinnamon buns. What a breakfast, huh? I hope someone has mercy on me and buys an Ab-Lounge for me for Christmas! I better go start the coffee brewing before he gets back.


  1. My mother phoned to tell me about Steve Irwin. I said, "Mom, you called me long distance to tell me that???" She's odd, but I love her, lol.

    I have to say I'm weird. When I attended Wheeling Jesuit U, I was going to change my English major to a minor and major in history instead. I love history of all sorts and researching it too. Buy me a research book of some sort and I'm in Heaven. I found a book about antique weapons at my local bookstore and sat for two hours paging through it.

    Mmmm, coffee and cinna buns. My faves. I have a cinnamon bun recipe that's to die for!

  2. LOL You sound like me. I keep studying for my upcoming exam and can't seem to retain a damned thing!! Have fun researching and don't think of it as work. Think of it as a place you'll visit one day!

    With Love,

  3. Ooh, Zinnia, don't tempt me with homemade cinna buns!! I have been craving those things like a feind lately. I'm hoping it's just the onset it autumn and cooler weather. I don't need another sugar addiction. ^_^ Oh, by the way, I called my mom to tell her about Steve Irwin. People must've been burning up the phone lines talking about him yesterday. I have an excuse though. (Really, I do!) I swear my parents never ever watch the news. So I called to tell them. My dad was crushed to hear about it. He loved that show! At least they're not long distance... only a few miles down the road. Hehehe.

  4. I hope you ace that exam, Tara! :) I don't know what it is with retaining info these days. I did well in school but, ugh, those days are loooong past. I don't think I could survive a classroom now. *lol*

    That's a great tip. I'll put it into practice and try to psyche myself into looking at it as "travel research". Sweet!

  5. I love history, but prefer to watch it than read about it. I sympathise, I'd be the same having to have notes at hand!


  6. I can't remember anything anymore either. I think in my case it's old age. I just can't retain it like I used to. Well, I retain all kinds of things but it has nothing to do with knowledge! More like cinna buns and ice cream! LOLOLOLOLOL


  7. Believe it or not, Cora, my cinna recipe has mashed potatoes in it.


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