Thursday, September 21, 2006

Official Gotta-Get-Back-To-Writing Day

I've had a blast the past few days, but I know I better get back to writing. The longer I procrastinate about starting a new project, the less I want to do it. Once I actually get over the first written page, I'm pretty involved by then. I'm back in my writing groove. It's just been so darn hard to focus on any one thing lately... :P Even sitting down with a book to read feels like a chore--and that's saying something for me! Maybe it's something to do with too few positive ions, or the tilt of the planet or something.

Okay, now here's a strange/creepy-semi-funny thing that happened yesterday... My Oldest had just arrived home from school, Mini was playing, and I was putting pork chops in the oven when there was a knock at the door. NO one knocks on my door--my family always just walks right in. I think that alone about gave everyone a heart attack. Anyway, it was a guy running for School Board and he wanted to leave his card. I took the card and told him "Sure thing, I'll give it a look over." If he's qualified, why not? Then the man turns and says, "I was noticing your scooter/motorcycle out in the yard. That's nice!"

I told him it was my husband's toy, at which point, he looks past me at Oldest--who has at some point come up behind me with Mini--and says, "What kind of engine does it have in it? How much horsepower?"

I shook my head and said, "No, it's my husband's scooter."

The man nodded and looked once again at Oldest, who shook his head and told him, "It's not mine." The man looked very confused, so I took Mini from Oldest and explained, "That's not my husband; that's my son."

The man became a bit flustered after that little faux pas, but I have to say he carried it off nicely. A bit red in the face, he said, "Well then, is he's old enough to vote for me too?"

He's definitely a School Board Superintendent. What do you think? ^_^

I've had Oldest mistaken for my brother many times, but husband? That's a first.I must say, Oldest was hugely flattered that someone thought him over the age of 18. But that whole incident creeped me out a bit. Vain woman that I am, I had to wonder: do I look young? Does oldest look older than his real age? Or did the man think perhaps I'm one of those women racked in a man half her age? D'oh!

Now for some review goodies...
The Readers Zone, Edition 8 has Crossing Borders listed as an ERRT recommended read!

(There are a LOT of Cobblestone Press authors up on that list this month, so if you're reading this and you write for them too, you might want to drop in and take a peek.)

Also, Bonding Experience received a really tasty review from Erotic Romance Reviews Today.

*dance, shimmy, booty wiggle*


  1. Congrats on the great reviews! Woohoo! Your stories are sizzling!

    As for the incident with the man thinking your oldest was your husband, judging by the pic in your blog you look soooo young. I'd give you 23, and no more than 25. Besides, with the whole Demi Moore_Ashton Kusher thing, maybe he thought...well...

  2. Take the compliment and run!!! People are forever thinking I'm older than I am, ugh

  3. That is pretty freaky!

    Off to go read the reviews...

  4. That's a crazy story - I think you look younger and oldest must look older. Yeah, take the compliment and run...


  5. I agree with Bella take it!! In all honesty, I thought you were in your late twenties/early thirties. Definitely NOT old enough to have an oldest who could pass for over 18!

    Hope you can stop slacking!
    With Love,
    Tara M.

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