Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Gold Dust Woman

I'm feeling like a snazzy peach today. Whatever ick I had yesterday is gone, and Miniboy seems to finally be over his shots. Too, the weather is gorgeous. It's like a nice fall day outside. Here in a bit I'm going to go find my shoes--Cripes, I can never find my shoes!--and take Miniboy for a jaunt around the yard in his wagon.

I was noticing Mini is getting back to his old self last night. He's finally eating well, and playing again. For a few days all he wanted was to be held and rocked. It was pretty rough. Then last night hubby brought him home a package of six, Fisher Price cars, and he's been playing with those and carting them through the house--which is a big relief. Now the house is back to normal. There are cars and toys everywhere. This morning I had to really keep an eye out for those pre-coffee hazards lying around in the dining room. Last thing I need to do is step on one. I am not the most agile person on the best of days, now let me step on something with wheels...

On another note, hubby brought home a bag of hand-poured candles for me last night. They are from my favorite local candlemaker too. Gorgeous, sweet, thoughtful, loving man. There are candles in every color. I decided to set up a prayer votive just before bed last night, and had Miniboy help me since he was in Mommy-hold me Mode. Hubby watched while we leveled the end of the candle, prepared the holder, (well, Mini sat on the counter in front of me saying "hot" in indication of the candle while I did the scraping.) then I let Mini examine the candle like he seemed wont to do, and the minute it was in his hand he promptly put it on the holder like a pro. I was quite impressed.

With Mini on my hip, I lit the candle, said my 9s, and dedicated the candle. Mini pointed to the candle and again said, "hot". With all that done, I told Mini it was time for bed, and when I looked up, I saw Hubby watching us with tears in his eyes. Proof yet again that it truly is the little things that matter.

This week, and all this weekend, I will be fleshing out the remainder of my freebie story for the MMC. My sexy hot werewolves are being demanding of me--they apparently have a lot they want to say. ^_^


  1. Those candles are beautiful. I have a serious, serious candle addiction. Serious. :)

    Aw, your hubby sounds like a sweetie. Glad mini boy is feeling better. I'm finally feeling better myself. The cold I had kicked my butt!

  2. Very pretty candles!!! And how sweet of your hubby!! Glad mini is feeling better, shots suck...unless they are tequila shots!! (insert evil grin/laugh)

    With Love,
    Tara M.

  3. Hey, it must be catching, buddy, cos I'm feeling a snazzy peach today too.



  4. Love those candles, Cora! Glad you're all feeling better.
    Eden :)

  5. Aawww... Sometimes men can act like hard-headed jerks. But then they turn and do something that sweet... what's not to love them? Hehehe!

  6. Both Mini and your hubby are fantastic. You're very blessed.

  7. I love candles, too. 'Course, I make my own--I have to at the rate I run through them. Every time somebody I know is sick, I have to make, bless and dedicate a healing candle. :)

    I'm not sure it works, but everybody's still alive so I guess it helps. LOL



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