Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday Flash Fiction at Midnight Moon Cafe

Be sure to drop by the Midnight Moon Cafe today. I am the contributing author for this week's free Friday Flash Fiction. Hold on to your hat because there's a Friday night shoot out between two sexy hot Werekind in my story Bloodlines: New Orleans Heat!

Today's the first day in several months where I've actually had a little time to myself. I burned a ritual candle, put the TV on something other than Noggin, and wrote my heart out. What a joy! You can really appreciate it when you can't do it everyday, I'll say that much.

Right after I finished my F/F, hubby arrived home with Mini. They brought me a burger and fries, and I'm telling you, the minute I got through eating there was a knock at the door. You know who it was? A cop. Looking for me. Seriously!

I got served jury duty papers. ^_^ Ah, boy...


  1. Ah jury duty! I've never been struck with it before :( But who knows, it could be fun!

  2. Sorry Cora...I got distracted by the hot torso with the awesome tattoos...where was I? Oh yeah...
    Bummer about jury duty :(

  3. OOhhhhh, jury duty sucks!!! Actually I got served twice in one year and each time when I called the 800 number they said I didn't need to show up! Hopefully that'll happen with you!

    With Love,
    Tara M.

  4. Are you sure the cop wasn't a werewolf stripper in disguise? *wiggles eyebrows*

  5. Hi ladies! Lucky for me the jury duty panned out. I've been called before, but didn't have to serve.

    Eden, the hot torso man is certainly drool worthy, isn't he? *halo* ^_^

    Oh, Tempest... if only! This was a real cop, sadly enough. He was nice enough, but definitely not my type. Hahaha!


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