Monday, September 25, 2006

Dream of a White Kitten

Last night I dreamed I found a tiny, living, thimble sized white kitten. It looked like nothing more than a bit of fluff and was very fragile. I put it in a box to protect it, but for whatever reason other objects like little ABC blocks kept appearing in the box with it. The blocks would tumble the kitten around, and I was so afraid it would get harmed that I spent most of the time carrying it in my palm.

I didn't want to do that for too long, though. Worried that I might drop the kitty, or accidentally crush it, I found a different box and put the kitty in it and set it in what I thought was a safe place. By then the kitten looked pretty shook up. I worried about this a bit, but I had to leave the room to go back through this old house (that I didn't recognize) which was full of people.

A gathering for a funeral or wedding, or other such event, was going on so I waded through the people looking for folks I recognized--I didn't recognize any, as it turned out. So I went back to get the kitten and find another house to check out, but apparently someone had found the box I'd left the it in and taken it. I had the impression someone was walking around showing off the kitty to other folks, and I was frantic to try and find it again, before it got hurt.

I did find it, and by that time, it looked pretty rumpled in the box. The fur was flat and it was sort of just laying around trying to stretch it's legs to get up. I chewed out the guy who'd taken the box, and was of the mind I would have to find some way to heal the kitty, and wouldn't be able to let it out of my sight again. I woke up right after that.

Pretty weird, huh?

Now here's the deal... the last time I dreamed about kittens, a week after the dream I found out I was pregnant with Miniboy. *_* Egads! Not that I think the stork has paid me a visit, but still... I will definitely be on my best behavior. *halo* It's a scientific fact that more conceptions take place in October than in any other month of the year--and October is only a week away!


  1. Just to be on the safe side, let's start making a little list of names. Baby girl names. *wg and winks*

  2. Oy, woman! *faint* I am seriously thinking of putting up a no touch policy for the entire month of October. Dear Hubby might get a bit lonely, but the last thing we need is more offspring. *ROFL!*

    I think my subconscious mind was in warning mode when I had that dream. ^_^


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