Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Cinnabuns All Around

I'm a bit behind on my blog posting and rounds this week. I don't like falling very far out of the loop for too long, I hate losing touch with everyone, but I've been working on edits, soooo... If I'm not around much, it's not because I'm being antisocial. I'm just temporarily out of pocket.

Today I'm taking Mini boy over to his Gram's. He hasn't been to my parents place since he was about 8 months old or so--around that time that the lights were out for about 3 days. When was that? Sometime around February or March? Anyway, it's high time he learns about "gramma's house". Of course my mom and dad could have come and picked him up to visit for the day at any time, but my mom is scared to be alone with a toddler--he might start crying and she not know how to calm him--so instead she'd rather take an hourly visit with him at my house about once a week. My dad on the otherhand works so much he can't get over here once a week. He was devastated when he came to visit after about a two month absence from doing so, and the baby took one look at him and started bawling. Mini boy didn't recognize him, and was terrified. My dad was crushed. I determined then I'd just have to take matters into my own hands. I called mom last week and asked her what day was convenient, and told her I'm bringing Mini boy over.

After I get Oldest off to school, and get dressed (and caffeinated)I'm putting Mini in the Jeep and we're taking a road trip! Erm, well, a short road trip since my parents only live a like, 4 miles away. But it's a road trip nonetheless. We'll stay until about lunch then make the drive back.

This evening if Mini is cooperative, I'll finish up the changes to my edits, so I can give it a thorough read through on Thursday before sending it back. I don't want to miss anything, but I don't want to take too long either. This is also the round where I'll be adding the dedication, and my bio at the back. *cringe* I have not read my bio since I wrote it. I can't bear to read it. It gives me the creeps. My friends say that's weird, but well... it sort of feels like you're reading your Obit or something. I can't stand it. I read the first few words then look away.

By the way, the cinnabun pictures are here because Zinnia Hope has inspired me with tales of having her own homemade recipe for cinnamon rolls. I know it's kind of cruel to wave pastry in front of people without us being able to sample, and I'm sure karma will bite me in the ass later for doing this, but I had to do it!! Look at all the yummies! ^_^ Did you know Lenny & Larry's sell apple stuffed cinnamon rolls? *drool*

After I finish my edits, I'm going to start reading the ARC for Touch of Desire by Susan Spencer Paul. I got the copy in yesterday; I'm reviewing it for Romance Divas. This book looks like it's going to be a treat! Well, Mini boy is whining at me so I better get off the computer.

Ooh! One last thing! Don't forget to drop by the Midnight Moon Cafe and browse the new posts. Our Rock the Blog party is kicking off soon, and we're starting with a scavenger hunt. This hunt has some fantastic prizes, so be sure to check that out. There are more surprises to come in the weeks ahead.


  1. Hope mini-boy has a great time at grandma's! Oh... those rolls look mouthwatering. You're an evil woman for putting not one but so many pics of them! :P Now I want to get some!

  2. I know, see what Zinnia did to me? ^_^ She was talking about homemade ones, and now I'm beginning to think that nothing but the real deal is going to work for me. Hehe!

    BTW, Mini-boy played himself out. He's still snoozing in the car seat here by my desk. He never stopped running until I put him back in the Jeep to go home. He was out before we even made it back. ^_^

  3. I had the same trouble with my toddler. We live too far away from my folks. We have a place in OH nearby them that we go to for mini vacations, holidays and weekends, but during the warm months, we're too busy to get up there much. When there are three months or so between visits, the toddler would scream and cry at my folks. My dad started giving him pop (oh joy, sugar AND caffeine) so now the toddler calls him Papawpop, lol.

    And that top picture looks exactly like my recipe when they're done!!!

  4. You cruel cruel woman. I'm hungry for sweets now. I hope you had a good time with Mini-boy at Grammies! I love Grammie visits.

  5. Yeah real mean to show those pics of various cinnamon buns. Cruel!!!

    Glad to hear mini boy had fun at grandma's...


  6. Those cinnabuns look so good!!! Have fun and don't editing, I know it's an oxymoron!!

    With Love,

  7. Sorry about the cinnabun cruelty everyone. I had to do it! ^_^

    I am now on an active quest to find and sample the apple stuffed ones.


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