Thursday, September 28, 2006

Better Late Than Never

First off, if you haven't checked it out already, be sure to drop by the Midnight Moon Cafe to read our new, fantabulous interview with RITA award winning author Robin D. Owens!

Today was an extremely busy day for me, but it has ended on an upswing. Mom and I drove Miniboy to his check up, then on to the toy store to pick up a Cozy Coupe for him. He slept in the car seat all through the store. I just put it in a buggy and wheeled it around while mom and I shopped. He woke up right after we loaded it into the back, so, he didn't see the car until we got back home with it.

One look at the box and he was coo-cooing. He loves anything with wheels; and when he saw the picture on the box, well... He walked around it about three times, squeeing frantically. Basic interpretation: How do I get into this box, mom?! The Coupe was a bitch to put together, especially with Mini wanting to help me, but I finally managed to get it up and rolling. I really do not think my feet will ever be the same. ^_^

I have much writing to do tonight, but it is looking like Hubby may get the weekend off. So knock on wood he'll be home and I can take some time at the computer.

Now with that said, go check out that snazzy Robin Owens interview! ^_^


  1. Aaawww... I'm happy MiniBoy loves his coupe. heh!

  2. Awww that made me smile when he walked round the box. It's great when they are so excited like that.


  3. Awww! How cute! I used to love it when my little bug was littler and wanted to help!

    With Love,

  4. It was very sweet, ladies. He got up first thing this morning and started looking for his car. ^_^

    I got some cute pictures of him riding in it through the dining room yesterday. Now he's got it parked in front of the TV so he can watch Dora the Explorer. Hubby and I laughed it's his version of being at the Drive-in. lol

  5. Hope your baby feels better. :)

    And hope you get lots of writing done too. I need to get to work myself...

  6. I should have one of my novels read through for minor errors and snail mailed by tomorrow morning, but I'm not quite half way through it yet. I'll swap you a couple chores for some of your extra hours, lol.

  7. Thanks Karen! We took Mini for his scheduled checkup. Luckily he wasn't sick this go around... it's one of those required things to keep our insurance, etc.

    Oh man, but trying to keep him still in a room full of other toddlers sitting peacefully with their mothers? *dizzy*

  8. You sound like a busy bee, Faith! There truly are not enough hours in the day. I can't sleep half the time because I go to bed and my mind is still whirling with all the things I need to do. ^_^ Ah, but it was nice to have those few hours all to myself, with no kids clinging to my ankles...


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