Monday, September 18, 2006

Aw, Is It Monday Already?

I had a truly fabulous weekend. I didn't want it to end. I started out on Friday going shopping and running errands with mom. That went very well--she didn't get all preachy about what I do even once. She did get a bit Marge Simpson-esque on me while looking at the Halloween goodies with Miniboy. She has gotten more stiff about Halloween as she's gotten older, but I just ignored this particular round of it and kept on shopping.

Anyway, I found this Halloween snowglobe with a black cat in it, and there was orange fluff and glitter that would stir up when you turned it over. Miniboy was fascinated with it, so I handed it to him and continued wheeling him around the store. It wasn't an expensive piece, as it was made entirely out of hard plastic--globe and all. We got up at the register to pay, and he was holding his snowglobe when the assistant manager (who happens to be one of hubby's old coworkers) began trying to tease Miniboy into speaking to her. He would act shy and look away, so she would move closer and try to speak to him, until *CRASH* He had been so centered on the woman, he'd lost his grip on the snowglobe. It dropped like a rock and landed right on the dome top. It burst like a water balloon... all this right between my feet. Thank goodness it was plastic or I'd have had glass all over. The plastic held together for the most part. The top of the globe looked like a bloomed flower when I picked it up. Ah well. No harm done. It was just one of those $1.00 things. I was prepared to pay. Miniboy was horrified, however.

He didn't cry, but he laid his head down on his hands so no one could look at him. I told him it was okay, even the assistant manager and the woman working behind the counter were all coo-cooing at him. They didn't expect us to pay for the snowglobe, but Mini wouldn't look at any of them. He wouldn't look up at all until we left the store. Poor thing. He was just upset by the situation; he's too young to understand how everyone was mystified about him being so quiet, well behaved, or that he seemed to be a sensitive person.

That was the only bump in the road over the weekend. How nice is that? We took a trip to Lowe's, and then we were off to buy hubby a cellphone that actually works. Since I got my royalty check in, I wanted to let Oldest buy something special for himself as promised--a special Yu-gi-oh! Cards deck as that turned out. It was all light and fun, and stress free. I didn't realize just how much I needed a trip like that, but apparently I did.

That afternoon we returned home, I felt really refreshed, and sat down to write a bit while hubby and son went outside and built the frame for the baby swing--which as it turns out--Miniboy is afraid of. LOL

Sunday was just as relaxing. I spent the day doing laundry and browsing rendering software on the net until about two o'clock. Everyone started dropping by the house around that time. My godfather, my dad and my mom (separately as they were doing their own thing this weekend)... Whew! I was glad to see them, but of course they all drop by when I'm all grubby looking from housework and tugging Mini around the yard in a wagon. Ah well, such is life, I guess... ^_^


  1. Wow, now that's a lovely picture for today's post!

    And I adore snowglobes of all kinds. Something about them from my childhood makes me fond of them. My mom always bought me one for Christmas from our local five and dime store.

  2. Is miniboy afraid of the baby swing or of swing builders? *lol* Happy to hear you enjoyed your weekend! :)

  3. Zinnia: Dandelions are my absolute favorite flowers. I'm glad you liked the picture!

    I love snowglobes too. I have an antique one from the 1940s that I got as a wedding present in the early '90s. It is made out of a champagne bottle. It has a dancing woman inside it, and the snow is gold chips. It's musical and everything, and if I understand what my mother-in-law told me years ago (she has since passed away) that it is real champagne inside. I don't know if that's for sure, but it's a neat little thing either way. :)

  4. Tempest: LOL! It's the swing. We put him in it and he start screeching for "Mamamamama!" I guess we'll just have to try it again later. ^_^

  5. Glad you had a great weekend! I got a ton of writing done.

  6. Aww, he sounds such a sweetie, Cora. My boy is 5 and very shy. He hates it when ppl talk to him public. He would have been pretty upset at that.

    Glad the rest of the weekend was great. :)

  7. Ahh, a weekend like that refreshes the mind, dear friend. I've had one myself and intend to do it more often. Time to think of my inner peace more.

    I'm glad you feel restored!


  8. Thank God (knock on wood), none of my kids has ever broken anything in a store, but then I hate taking my kids shopping with me so I don't do it often, lol.

    I'm glad it was only a 1.00. Some of those snowglobes can run a coupla hundred bucks!

  9. Amanda, congrats on getting all that writing done. Sounds like you had a great weekend too! ^_^

    Thank you, Lori! I'm noticing more and more just how shy Mini is with other people. He's not shy around children, but boy he is with adults. They talk to him and he wants to hide his eyes.

  10. I hear you on that, ME. I have been working my buns off this year, and I finally came to the conclusion I can't enjoy the success if I don't slow down long enough to sniff the roses.

    Glad to hear you had a lovely weekend too. :)

  11. Faith, oy... to shop alone. *dreamy stare* But it rarely happens. I usually have at least one of the kids with me. They are well behaved in the store though. They know mama will box their ears if they get rambunctious. lol ^_^

    This is the first time either of them has broken anything, though. I'm surprised how I took it all in stride really. But it was truly an accident.

    Eek, I didn't think about it though, but you're right. Some of those snowglobes do run into lots of money. *_*


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