Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday Flash Fiction at Midnight Moon Cafe

Be sure to drop by the Midnight Moon Cafe today. I am the contributing author for this week's free Friday Flash Fiction. Hold on to your hat because there's a Friday night shoot out between two sexy hot Werekind in my story Bloodlines: New Orleans Heat!

Today's the first day in several months where I've actually had a little time to myself. I burned a ritual candle, put the TV on something other than Noggin, and wrote my heart out. What a joy! You can really appreciate it when you can't do it everyday, I'll say that much.

Right after I finished my F/F, hubby arrived home with Mini. They brought me a burger and fries, and I'm telling you, the minute I got through eating there was a knock at the door. You know who it was? A cop. Looking for me. Seriously!

I got served jury duty papers. ^_^ Ah, boy...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Better Late Than Never

First off, if you haven't checked it out already, be sure to drop by the Midnight Moon Cafe to read our new, fantabulous interview with RITA award winning author Robin D. Owens!

Today was an extremely busy day for me, but it has ended on an upswing. Mom and I drove Miniboy to his check up, then on to the toy store to pick up a Cozy Coupe for him. He slept in the car seat all through the store. I just put it in a buggy and wheeled it around while mom and I shopped. He woke up right after we loaded it into the back, so, he didn't see the car until we got back home with it.

One look at the box and he was coo-cooing. He loves anything with wheels; and when he saw the picture on the box, well... He walked around it about three times, squeeing frantically. Basic interpretation: How do I get into this box, mom?! The Coupe was a bitch to put together, especially with Mini wanting to help me, but I finally managed to get it up and rolling. I really do not think my feet will ever be the same. ^_^

I have much writing to do tonight, but it is looking like Hubby may get the weekend off. So knock on wood he'll be home and I can take some time at the computer.

Now with that said, go check out that snazzy Robin Owens interview! ^_^

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What Dreams Are Made Of

Today is going to be a major writing day for me. I've got a bit of sexy hot flash fiction I need to finish before tomorrow. That's when I'll be taking Mini for a check up, and afterward Mom and I are going to take him to the toy store to pick up one of the Cozy Coupe ride-in cars. Hubby and I were going to pick one up right here in town, but I guess with Christmas coming in a few months, people decided to rush in and buy them up now. *sigh*

On another note, I spent yesterday evening writing new scenes for my upcoming demon romantica novella. This guy is something else... If you like dark and tortured, this guy should be right up your alley! Anyway, I was looking around at the groups yesterday and trying to find more romance/erotic fiction that has demons/fallen angels as the main characters, and wow is this stuff hard to find! I had hoped to read and research a bit, but my options are limited to what I've found so far... which isn't much. If you know of anyone you think I'd be interested in, leave it in a comment. I'll be sure to check it out.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Vote for Crossing Borders as Best Ebook of Summer

Please take a moment to vote for Crossing Borders at Ciar Cullen's blogspot

My book, along with fellow Midnight Moon Cafe authors Tempest Knight and Cassandra Curtis all have nominations posted for best ebook of summer, and it would mean a lot to us if you could drop by and vote to show your support.

Who Dat Rockin' the Dome!

23-3 Victory! Goooo Saints! ^_^ Miniboy and I stayed up late last night watching the Saints/Falcons game, and boy was it worth it! It kicked off with Green Day and U2 at the opening ceremony, and their version of House of the Rising Sun nearly brought down the house! Dear Hubby and I were teary eyed hearing the songs they reworked around Katrina. Then, barely a minute into the game, Atlanta did a butterfingers with the punt return, and Curtis DeLoach fell on the ball for a touchdown. Okay, ya'll... I was glued from there.

It means so much to have the Saints back home. Over the past year or so what with all the talk of the Saints permanently relocating, hubby and I were only two of the many people upset at the possibility of losing our team. We're glad to have them back for good. Welcome home Saints!

New Orleans Saints
Saints/Falcons Game Highlights

Monday, September 25, 2006

How Much Have I Changed?

I found this little quiz over at Bella Tyler's blog. I had to test it out, and wow, I have to say I am a bit suprised by the results!

You've Changed 48% in 10 Years

You've done a good job changing with the times, but deep down, you're still the same person.
You're clothes, job, and friends may have changed some - but it hasn't changed you.

Casting Around For Titles

What is it about titles? For me it sells the book. If the title sucks, I won't pick it up, but it's hard to come up with a title that hasn't been used again and again... particularly when writing about werewolves.

I've been working on a freebie story for Halloween, but so far it's a bust on the titles. I want something fresh, something different from my other titles, but darn it... that's easier said than done! Tempest Knight suggested looking at old movie and song titles that revolve around the theme of my book. That's a pretty good idea. I'm going to hit Amazon tonight and do some browsing. Perhaps I'll get inspired, and an idea will strike me.

On another note, I spent the day working on flash fiction, and reading. I've got a few reviews I must write soon, and one of the books has been difficult to sit through. It's not a bad book, the concept is interesting, but it's a bit slow. I've been through 40 pages of nothing so far... something needs to happen, and soon! I need things to be constantly happening in a story to keep my interest--whether it's internal tension, or some kind of action. Maybe that's just me. Sometimes, I swear, I have the attention span of a two year old. That's it for me. Back to work!

Dream of a White Kitten

Last night I dreamed I found a tiny, living, thimble sized white kitten. It looked like nothing more than a bit of fluff and was very fragile. I put it in a box to protect it, but for whatever reason other objects like little ABC blocks kept appearing in the box with it. The blocks would tumble the kitten around, and I was so afraid it would get harmed that I spent most of the time carrying it in my palm.

I didn't want to do that for too long, though. Worried that I might drop the kitty, or accidentally crush it, I found a different box and put the kitty in it and set it in what I thought was a safe place. By then the kitten looked pretty shook up. I worried about this a bit, but I had to leave the room to go back through this old house (that I didn't recognize) which was full of people.

A gathering for a funeral or wedding, or other such event, was going on so I waded through the people looking for folks I recognized--I didn't recognize any, as it turned out. So I went back to get the kitten and find another house to check out, but apparently someone had found the box I'd left the it in and taken it. I had the impression someone was walking around showing off the kitty to other folks, and I was frantic to try and find it again, before it got hurt.

I did find it, and by that time, it looked pretty rumpled in the box. The fur was flat and it was sort of just laying around trying to stretch it's legs to get up. I chewed out the guy who'd taken the box, and was of the mind I would have to find some way to heal the kitty, and wouldn't be able to let it out of my sight again. I woke up right after that.

Pretty weird, huh?

Now here's the deal... the last time I dreamed about kittens, a week after the dream I found out I was pregnant with Miniboy. *_* Egads! Not that I think the stork has paid me a visit, but still... I will definitely be on my best behavior. *halo* It's a scientific fact that more conceptions take place in October than in any other month of the year--and October is only a week away!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Got A Bad Habit

Over at the Slackass Clan, fellow slackasser Kimberly Holt-Whitlock posted her Celebrity Heritage Collage. I saw this and was emboldened by her bravery at displaying her collage--I decided to display mine as well. ^_^

I used a headshot of myself from back when I was 8.5 months pregnant with Miniboy. Ha! ^_^ I'm blonde there, and about 30 pounds over my average weight, but in every other pic I have of myself I'm either looking at the camera from the side, or I'm not smiling at all. Hmm... I wonder if there's something behind all that!

BTW, seeing Angela Landsbury on my collage... Yikes! Look at the resemblance! Well, I suppose if she ever does a movie where she needs someone to play the role of her daughter, casting can call on me! ^_^

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Official Gotta-Get-Back-To-Writing Day

I've had a blast the past few days, but I know I better get back to writing. The longer I procrastinate about starting a new project, the less I want to do it. Once I actually get over the first written page, I'm pretty involved by then. I'm back in my writing groove. It's just been so darn hard to focus on any one thing lately... :P Even sitting down with a book to read feels like a chore--and that's saying something for me! Maybe it's something to do with too few positive ions, or the tilt of the planet or something.

Okay, now here's a strange/creepy-semi-funny thing that happened yesterday... My Oldest had just arrived home from school, Mini was playing, and I was putting pork chops in the oven when there was a knock at the door. NO one knocks on my door--my family always just walks right in. I think that alone about gave everyone a heart attack. Anyway, it was a guy running for School Board and he wanted to leave his card. I took the card and told him "Sure thing, I'll give it a look over." If he's qualified, why not? Then the man turns and says, "I was noticing your scooter/motorcycle out in the yard. That's nice!"

I told him it was my husband's toy, at which point, he looks past me at Oldest--who has at some point come up behind me with Mini--and says, "What kind of engine does it have in it? How much horsepower?"

I shook my head and said, "No, it's my husband's scooter."

The man nodded and looked once again at Oldest, who shook his head and told him, "It's not mine." The man looked very confused, so I took Mini from Oldest and explained, "That's not my husband; that's my son."

The man became a bit flustered after that little faux pas, but I have to say he carried it off nicely. A bit red in the face, he said, "Well then, is he's old enough to vote for me too?"

He's definitely a School Board Superintendent. What do you think? ^_^

I've had Oldest mistaken for my brother many times, but husband? That's a first.I must say, Oldest was hugely flattered that someone thought him over the age of 18. But that whole incident creeped me out a bit. Vain woman that I am, I had to wonder: do I look young? Does oldest look older than his real age? Or did the man think perhaps I'm one of those women racked in a man half her age? D'oh!

Now for some review goodies...
The Readers Zone, Edition 8 has Crossing Borders listed as an ERRT recommended read!

(There are a LOT of Cobblestone Press authors up on that list this month, so if you're reading this and you write for them too, you might want to drop in and take a peek.)

Also, Bonding Experience received a really tasty review from Erotic Romance Reviews Today.

*dance, shimmy, booty wiggle*

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Leading You Into Temptation

I'm posting this to announce I've finally uploaded an excerpt for Wicked Temptation over at my website.

About the book:

An unexpected visit forces Anya Audridov to find a way to deal with her sister's tragic addiction to her vampire lover's bite. Not knowing where else to turn for help, Anya calls on her own former Biter, whom she hasn't spoken to in ten years.

Dominic Lisandro has been waiting for Anya to need him enough to call him back into her life. But his help comes with a price. He hasn't forgotten how easily she left him all those years ago. If she wants his help now, she will have to give herself over to his every desire.

**Wicked Temptation is coming soon from Cobblestone Press! Precise release date is TBA.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

All Is Groovy

I finished my edits for Wicked Temptation a few minutes ago. Woot! I have a new found love of vampires, I do believe. They can be very tempestuous to work with, but it has apparently worked out in the end.

Today is a gorgeous day. I noticed this morning it's starting to get that "fall look" outside. It's not so hot, the leaves are turning a bit in the neighbor's yard, and the sun... well, this might sound nutty but the sun hits the house in a different way this time of year. The lighting almost seems to change colors. Maybe it's the way it falls through the trees or something.

Anyway, since it feels so fabulous out and the house is fairly clean, I'm about to put some shoes on and take Mini around the yard in the wagon. He's been a chipper nipper this morning, bless him. He has allowed me to work in peace. Now that I'm finished, it's time to play! ^_^

Monday, September 18, 2006

Aw, Is It Monday Already?

I had a truly fabulous weekend. I didn't want it to end. I started out on Friday going shopping and running errands with mom. That went very well--she didn't get all preachy about what I do even once. She did get a bit Marge Simpson-esque on me while looking at the Halloween goodies with Miniboy. She has gotten more stiff about Halloween as she's gotten older, but I just ignored this particular round of it and kept on shopping.

Anyway, I found this Halloween snowglobe with a black cat in it, and there was orange fluff and glitter that would stir up when you turned it over. Miniboy was fascinated with it, so I handed it to him and continued wheeling him around the store. It wasn't an expensive piece, as it was made entirely out of hard plastic--globe and all. We got up at the register to pay, and he was holding his snowglobe when the assistant manager (who happens to be one of hubby's old coworkers) began trying to tease Miniboy into speaking to her. He would act shy and look away, so she would move closer and try to speak to him, until *CRASH* He had been so centered on the woman, he'd lost his grip on the snowglobe. It dropped like a rock and landed right on the dome top. It burst like a water balloon... all this right between my feet. Thank goodness it was plastic or I'd have had glass all over. The plastic held together for the most part. The top of the globe looked like a bloomed flower when I picked it up. Ah well. No harm done. It was just one of those $1.00 things. I was prepared to pay. Miniboy was horrified, however.

He didn't cry, but he laid his head down on his hands so no one could look at him. I told him it was okay, even the assistant manager and the woman working behind the counter were all coo-cooing at him. They didn't expect us to pay for the snowglobe, but Mini wouldn't look at any of them. He wouldn't look up at all until we left the store. Poor thing. He was just upset by the situation; he's too young to understand how everyone was mystified about him being so quiet, well behaved, or that he seemed to be a sensitive person.

That was the only bump in the road over the weekend. How nice is that? We took a trip to Lowe's, and then we were off to buy hubby a cellphone that actually works. Since I got my royalty check in, I wanted to let Oldest buy something special for himself as promised--a special Yu-gi-oh! Cards deck as that turned out. It was all light and fun, and stress free. I didn't realize just how much I needed a trip like that, but apparently I did.

That afternoon we returned home, I felt really refreshed, and sat down to write a bit while hubby and son went outside and built the frame for the baby swing--which as it turns out--Miniboy is afraid of. LOL

Sunday was just as relaxing. I spent the day doing laundry and browsing rendering software on the net until about two o'clock. Everyone started dropping by the house around that time. My godfather, my dad and my mom (separately as they were doing their own thing this weekend)... Whew! I was glad to see them, but of course they all drop by when I'm all grubby looking from housework and tugging Mini around the yard in a wagon. Ah well, such is life, I guess... ^_^

Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday, Lovely, Friday

Hurray! Today is shopping and bill paying day. I actually look forward to getting out of the house for a bit, because I'm usually stuck doing stuff around the house all week. Mom and I decided to go together to do our errands, so I will have a partner in crime. My main mission today is to buy all kinds of yummy things to tempt Mini-boy to eat. With teething and such, the only thing we've managed to get him to take an interest in is french fries. This morning, he ate only a few bites out of a piece of jelly toast, and a sip of milk. That's it. *sigh*

On another note, I got my 3rd round for Wicked Temptation back this morning. I am going to download it this afternoon and start reading. I've had so much trouble with emails this morning, I'm not even about to try downloading anything important.

I guess should get cracking on my werewolf story while I have a few minutes peace. In the meantime, enjoy the beefcake, don't work too hard, and if all else fails and the day just seems to suck, close your eyes and think naughty thoughts. ^_^

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday Things A-Brewin'

I have spent most of the day playing with Miniboy, sweeping chunks of dog hair OFF THE DOG (cripes!!), and fighting with Blogger. All in all, it's been a good day. I managed to get my house into some semblance of order, did some writing, bought some future contest prizes, and even made arrangements to do some promoting for my upcoming vampire novella Wicked Temptation.

Speaking of writing and novellas, my freebie story still doesn't have a title. Perhaps I should go and try one of those crackpot title generators. I've been busting my brain over this, and if I don't come up with something soon, I just may try it!

On another note, I am gearing up for Halloween! Oh, yes, big kid that I am, I want a costume this year. And cookies. And those funky plastic gravestones to stick up in the front yard. There is just something about having little bitties in the house with you that makes you want to celebrate with a whole heart.

Well, after goofing around the entire morning, I better hit the laundry bin before we start having to swim through Oldest's stinky gym socks to get through the hallway. *groan*

LAST MINUTE REMINDER: I want mention that LaSara Firefox's interview has gone live over at the Midnight Moon Cafe.Be sure to drop by and check that out. You might even win a copy of LaSara's new book, Sexy Witch!

A Season For Reviews

Fabulous friend and paranormal divaTempest Knight emailed me the other day to tell me I had received 5 Magical Wands for Crossing Borders over at Enchanted Ramblings. Awesome!

Here's what Tralana from Enchanted Ramblings Reviews had to say:

Laney’s brother asked her to keep things in their werewolf pack moving smoothly while he was gone for a while. She knows it won’t be a problem. Until Cole shows up again. This time to claim her as his mate.

This was a nice, quick read. Cole is another alpha to love, after all he came after Laney, risking death to claim her. The sex was hot, their situation dangerous, the story fast. I enjoyed Ms Zane’s writing, and look forward to reading a longer story by her.

You won't have to wait much longer for a full length Werekind novel, Ms. Tralana. I have one in the works as I'm tying this!
There is also a hot new review for Crossing Borders over at Literary Nymphs!

Rating: 4 Nymphs
Reviewer: Carolina Nymph

Crossing Borders is a great short story about Laney and Cole. They are both shape shifters who used to live in the same pack and had a romantic relationship in the past. Seth, Laney’s brother, threw Cole out of the pack and out of pack territory. Cole has been setting up his own pack and waiting for just the right time to come and make Laney his mate. Both Laney and Cole wanted to be together but they had to go through Seth to live happily ever after. Cole has to fight for Laney and she has to take a stand against her brother.

This story had strong characters and a great plot with wonderful love scenes and gritty fight scenes. Take time to read this book. Readers of paranormal romance will enjoy it.

*dance, dance* *shimmy, shimmy* *Time Warp* *booty wiggle*

Ah, Zen... I feel like I just ate a whole box of chocolates all by myself. ^_^
And the good news doesn't end there! I also received a very nice review for Bonding Experience from Literary Nymphs.

Nymphs Rating: 3.5
Nymphs Reviewer: Northern Nymph

Claire and Luke are part of the same werewolf pact. Like most kids that grew up together Luke tormented Claire and she ran for her life. Now that they are adults the council has decided that they should be mated and Claire is not happy. However, things may not be what they seem…..Luke is very happy and may have had a little hand in making sure they end up together for life. Can Claire believe that he truly loves her?

Cora Zane created a fun and sexy story to read. You can feel the angst that Claire feels, the frustration for Luke and it is fun ride from beginning to end. Sometimes things are just meant to be……

Talk about feeling like a snazzy peach!

All these sexy hot titles are currently available from Cobblestone Press!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sweep It All Into the Fireplace

I have spent the better part of the day cleaning closets. How in the hell did we accumulate so much clutter? It started yesterday as I was delivering laundry to my oldest son's room. I made the mistake of going inside, and what I saw made me flinch in mortal agony. We have always teasingly called his room the "fungus cave", but this atrocious garbage was too much. I grabbed a trash bag and began cleaning house.

Oldest son's room is the only room I have gated the baby from, and thank goodness for that! I tore his closet apart and pulled out shit I haven't seen in ten years--like his crutches from a million years ago when he tore a ligament in that car accident. There were boxes--and I am talking big plastic storage BOXES large enough for me to climb into if they were empty--of toys and books. JUNK! I dragged them into the center of the room, they were almost too heavy to move, and when he got home I had him cart them out into the dining room to be sorted. From there I threw out just about all of it--mismatched Legos, broken Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles... good grief. What does he need that mess for? I tucked the box of books into the closet in my and hubby's room. The books are for middle readers, and one day Miniboy will likely want them. Hand-me-downs from his bubba. Anyway, once I finished that, I had to go and rearrange the closet in the master bedroom to accomodate the new box of books in there.

I ended up throwing away racks of clothes. I'm talking stuff from the grunge era. Everything from my old Wolverine T-shirts that are so thin you can see through them, to old Mojo Wear shirts and dusty combat boots. I'm surprised moths didn't come fluttering out of there. My closet is a vintage crypt for bad fashion. Why was I keeping this stuff? You know what's even worse? Now that I've tossed that junk away, I will start to miss it. Give me a month to forget, then suddenly I'll want to wear a shirt I haven't seen in 8 years. I'll go to fish it out and think suddenly: Damn, why did I get rid of that?

Hmmm... And what do you suppose this is?

Prize Point #4 Alert!
He's the hairy-handed gent who ran amuck in Kent
Lately he's been overheard in Mayfair
Better stay away from him.

Email us at with the name of this song.

For a little witchy delight, you might google for LaSara's site.
When you are done, go back to the Midnight Moon Cafe on the 14th for some sexy fun!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Gold Dust Woman

I'm feeling like a snazzy peach today. Whatever ick I had yesterday is gone, and Miniboy seems to finally be over his shots. Too, the weather is gorgeous. It's like a nice fall day outside. Here in a bit I'm going to go find my shoes--Cripes, I can never find my shoes!--and take Miniboy for a jaunt around the yard in his wagon.

I was noticing Mini is getting back to his old self last night. He's finally eating well, and playing again. For a few days all he wanted was to be held and rocked. It was pretty rough. Then last night hubby brought him home a package of six, Fisher Price cars, and he's been playing with those and carting them through the house--which is a big relief. Now the house is back to normal. There are cars and toys everywhere. This morning I had to really keep an eye out for those pre-coffee hazards lying around in the dining room. Last thing I need to do is step on one. I am not the most agile person on the best of days, now let me step on something with wheels...

On another note, hubby brought home a bag of hand-poured candles for me last night. They are from my favorite local candlemaker too. Gorgeous, sweet, thoughtful, loving man. There are candles in every color. I decided to set up a prayer votive just before bed last night, and had Miniboy help me since he was in Mommy-hold me Mode. Hubby watched while we leveled the end of the candle, prepared the holder, (well, Mini sat on the counter in front of me saying "hot" in indication of the candle while I did the scraping.) then I let Mini examine the candle like he seemed wont to do, and the minute it was in his hand he promptly put it on the holder like a pro. I was quite impressed.

With Mini on my hip, I lit the candle, said my 9s, and dedicated the candle. Mini pointed to the candle and again said, "hot". With all that done, I told Mini it was time for bed, and when I looked up, I saw Hubby watching us with tears in his eyes. Proof yet again that it truly is the little things that matter.

This week, and all this weekend, I will be fleshing out the remainder of my freebie story for the MMC. My sexy hot werewolves are being demanding of me--they apparently have a lot they want to say. ^_^

Something is Afoot at the Midnight Moon Cafe!

In September, October and November, The Midnight Moon Cafe will host guest author Q&A's we like to call Midnight Brew. Our first Midnight Brew will be this Thursday, September 14th, with author and sexual empowerment expert LaSara FireFox.

LaSara FireFox is a writer, ritualist, sex-positive activist and educator, and designer/facilitator of a wide variety of interactive, exploration-based workshops. She has been featured on Sony Pictures Television’s Life & Style, Playboy TV’s Sexcetera, Canada’s Sex TV, and Dr. Block’s Speakeasy. You may have recently seen her on HBO TV's (Penn & Teller's Bullshit) segment on abstinence.

LaSara believes that the most revolutionary, and perhaps evolutionary, act we can engage in is to become healthy, strong and empowered. By encouraging women to move from body shame to body acceptance, from genital shame to pussy pride, and from sexual fear and disempowerment to a new, self-defined relationship with their own sexuality.

With the publication of her latest book, Sexy Witch, Ms. FireFox helps initiate readers into the mysteries of their own bodies, psyches and power. Her website is

We'll also be giving away a copy of Ms. FireFox's book, Sexy Witch, to one lucky reader! So mark your calenders for September 14!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Today's Meat And Potatoes

Despite the Mini-boy feeling a little off and crabby every now and again, overall it was a good weekend. Hubby, the boys and I took a trip out of town because there was a specific doll I was looking for, so we spent the day browsing around, and enjoying the day doing absolutely nothing. I did find the doll I wanted, and after that, we went out to eat Chinese.

Today I have to take Mini-boy back to the doctor for his wellness check. He's much better after his shots--thanks everyone for the well wishes. He is back to playing in the cupboard, getting into my pots and pans, and riding his trike through the house. ^_^ Yesterday my dad brought Mini his first wagon--it's one my dad had been using in his sign business for years. But this is a little one who loves anything with wheels and he had a BLAST being carted around the yard in the wagon bed. In fact, when we made it back around to the front patio, he was still making his car/driving noises and I knew what was going to happen when hubby pulled him out. I wasn't about to do it. You be the fall guy for once, papa bear. Sure enough, hubby pulled Miniboy out of the wagon to go inside (it was starting to rain) and chaos ensued. Oh, yes, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

I also finished my second round of edits for Wicked Temptation over the weekend. Woohoo! I also spent a bit of time working on my freebie fiction for MMC, and worked a little on my latest wip for Cobblestone. I hope they like this one. It's demons abound! Hey, speaking of Cobblestone and writing things, isn't there somekind of Cobblestone Press thing going on over at eCataromance this week? Hmm... I heard something mentioned about it, but I've been so busy I haven't checked up on it much. I'll have to drop by the forums and give a shout.

Scavenger Hunt, Cool banners, and the MMC

Tempest Knight, the multi-talented blog diva and author of the sexy hot vampire novella Enduring Promise, has created this Midnight Moon Cafe banner for our viewing pleasure. Isn't it lovely?

I wanted to post a reminder there is a HUGE scavenger hunt going on over at Midnight Moon Cafe, and there are tons of snazzy prizes left to be won! Be sure to read all the rules, as you must send an email to register yourself for the hunt.

Also, the new flash fiction is up over at the MMC, courtesy of the multi-talented writing diva Cassandra Curtis. Don't miss some free, sexy hot reading! ^_^

Blog Shout

Author M.E. Ellis is doing a promotion for her new horror novel called QUITS, which is available now at Wildchild Publishing. The really cool part is she is giving the royalties she makes from the book away to the NSPCC--a charity for the prevention of cruelty to children. As a mother of two kids, I am pleased to be able to help out in some small way.

You can also view the trailor on M.E.'s blog OR you can click here to watch it at

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Numb Brained and Chillin'

Today was a productive day, but now I'm so tired I can barely think straight. I worked on edits until the words completely stopped making sense to me. I decided after staring at the same two sentences for over an hour, it was time to give it up for the day. ^_^

I put everything away, sent my editor a brief note on my progress, and turned to the net for entertainment. Tomorrow I'll be taking Mini-boy back to the doctor, so I better take a break while I can. After his shots I know he's going to expect complete pampering.

Ooooh!! On a lighter note, I got some yummy mail today. I found the box sitting outside on the BBQ grill and as soon as I saw the little arrow swish printed on the side of it, I knew I had a goodie waiting for me from Amazon. I couldn't hold back the squee of joy. Months ago I preordered a copy of Dark Celebration by Christine Feehan, and well... it's here! It's here!

Oh geez, but I am a sucker for a Carpathian. Dark hair, mesmerizing eyes, sexy accent, and a man on a mission to find a lifemate... what's not to love? *drool* It's the ultimate man formula, I tell you. I can't wait to read this book! And bad me, I admit I thumbed through it and read some tasty bits. But I vow I won't start actually reading it until I finish this round of edits. I don't want to get distracted, and I know once I start a Feehan novel, I'm not putting it down til I'm finished. Hehe!

By the way, tonight there will be a Full Moon Fantasies chat going on at Cobblestone Press. I'll be there, along with fellow werewolf romance authors L. Shannon, Brandi Broughton, and Loribelle Hunt. Lori will be giving away a copy of her latest title, so don't miss out on the fun!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Cinnabuns All Around

I'm a bit behind on my blog posting and rounds this week. I don't like falling very far out of the loop for too long, I hate losing touch with everyone, but I've been working on edits, soooo... If I'm not around much, it's not because I'm being antisocial. I'm just temporarily out of pocket.

Today I'm taking Mini boy over to his Gram's. He hasn't been to my parents place since he was about 8 months old or so--around that time that the lights were out for about 3 days. When was that? Sometime around February or March? Anyway, it's high time he learns about "gramma's house". Of course my mom and dad could have come and picked him up to visit for the day at any time, but my mom is scared to be alone with a toddler--he might start crying and she not know how to calm him--so instead she'd rather take an hourly visit with him at my house about once a week. My dad on the otherhand works so much he can't get over here once a week. He was devastated when he came to visit after about a two month absence from doing so, and the baby took one look at him and started bawling. Mini boy didn't recognize him, and was terrified. My dad was crushed. I determined then I'd just have to take matters into my own hands. I called mom last week and asked her what day was convenient, and told her I'm bringing Mini boy over.

After I get Oldest off to school, and get dressed (and caffeinated)I'm putting Mini in the Jeep and we're taking a road trip! Erm, well, a short road trip since my parents only live a like, 4 miles away. But it's a road trip nonetheless. We'll stay until about lunch then make the drive back.

This evening if Mini is cooperative, I'll finish up the changes to my edits, so I can give it a thorough read through on Thursday before sending it back. I don't want to miss anything, but I don't want to take too long either. This is also the round where I'll be adding the dedication, and my bio at the back. *cringe* I have not read my bio since I wrote it. I can't bear to read it. It gives me the creeps. My friends say that's weird, but well... it sort of feels like you're reading your Obit or something. I can't stand it. I read the first few words then look away.

By the way, the cinnabun pictures are here because Zinnia Hope has inspired me with tales of having her own homemade recipe for cinnamon rolls. I know it's kind of cruel to wave pastry in front of people without us being able to sample, and I'm sure karma will bite me in the ass later for doing this, but I had to do it!! Look at all the yummies! ^_^ Did you know Lenny & Larry's sell apple stuffed cinnamon rolls? *drool*

After I finish my edits, I'm going to start reading the ARC for Touch of Desire by Susan Spencer Paul. I got the copy in yesterday; I'm reviewing it for Romance Divas. This book looks like it's going to be a treat! Well, Mini boy is whining at me so I better get off the computer.

Ooh! One last thing! Don't forget to drop by the Midnight Moon Cafe and browse the new posts. Our Rock the Blog party is kicking off soon, and we're starting with a scavenger hunt. This hunt has some fantastic prizes, so be sure to check that out. There are more surprises to come in the weeks ahead.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Research, Writing, and Other Stuff

I hate to do research on anything. Typically when writing I stick with what I know, or on the chance that I branch out into unknown territory, I generalize. I'm working on a story now where that's impossible. The setting is a bit out of my realm of expertise, but it's integral to the story, so I have to do research. I swear, it's like being a kid again and knowing you have to do that book report when you really, really don't wanna! Ha!

I don't mind reading, but it's remembering! Call it old age, call it what you like, but I find I have to keep my notes very close at hand because I can't remember the important facts about the geography of the story setting to save my life. *sigh* One of these days I'll be able take a trip to research. Until now, I'll have to stick with a Compaq tour of the globe. Erg. The longer I research, the more I want to take a freaking nap!

On to other things... Did you hear about the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin? My son used to watch that show on Animal Planet all the time. Anyway, Steve Irwin died yesterday (Australia is a day ahead of the US--so it reads he died on Monday). He got hit by a stingray barb. Apparently the barb went up under his rib cake a pierced a hole in his heart. *_* Here's the AOL news story link: Crocodile Hunter Dies at 44

I just sent hubby to the store for coffee ice cream and cinnamon buns. What a breakfast, huh? I hope someone has mercy on me and buys an Ab-Lounge for me for Christmas! I better go start the coffee brewing before he gets back.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

With Sugar On Top

Yesterday I took Mini-boy for his vaccinations, and since he'd been sick the week before, the nurse wouldn't administer the shots. They did the bloodwork to test for diabetes and all that, but I will have to take him back next Friday for the actual stick and poke. *sigh* I hate shots! The nurse gave us these pamphlets and warned us in advance he would feel pretty rough for about 2 or 3 days after the fact. Oh, joy. Poor Mini-boy, he didn't like being messed with, and he didn't seem to like that nurse--he was glaring at her as if he was thinking he'd like to toss her into the lake.

I thought she was very nice, however. She seemed like one of those nurses that like their job. She seemed genuinely interested in her patients well being. That is rare. However, Mini wasn't too convinced. lol He wasn't content until mom and I got him into the truck and out of that office! Ah, well, by the time I took him to BK for a kid's meal, he was in a better mood, even if he didn't let me out of his sights for the rest of the day.

Ooh! After things wound down last night, I came across fellow author Cassandra Curtis online and we toyed around with the tarot. It's been a little over a year since I took the old deck down, but the reading went off without a hitch. Lots of fun there. One of the high points of my day! I also walked CC through a p/p/f/ spread with a really ususual deck she has. That was too cool. I am going to have to check out that deck when I have more time. In the meantime, I'll be keeping my goddess deck out. In the next few weeks I'll be giving away a free reading over at the Midnight Moon Cafe so stay tuned!

NEWS FLASH: I just learned this morning Bonding Experience made the top five bestseller list at Cobblestone Press for August. Woot! Here's the list:

*Bad Moon Rising by Loribelle Hunt
*Bonding Experience by Cora Zane
*Seducing Olivia by Madison Layle and Anna Leigh Keaton
*Under Cover of the Moon by Loribelle Hunt
*Release Me by Karen Erikson

I was thrilled to see fellow Slackass Clan darling Karen Erikson on the list too! You go girl! *dance, dance* Also, Madison, Anna Leigh, and Loribelle are on the list for their second month in a row. Congrats all around, ladies!

I dropped by the Cobblestone Press chat last night to congratulate Emily Veinglory and Lyric James on their new releases, and one of the readers asked me why there is no excerpt up for Bonding Experience over on the Cora Zane website. Oops! I'm sorry about that. I've been so busy with edits and promos and other things that I've neglected to update my main site. But you asked, and so you shall receive! I promise to post a steamy excerpt this weekend!

Well, I'm off for now. I'm going to go and guzzle a cup of coffee or two--provided it actually brewed this time! I set the coffee pot, but didn't realize the crockpot was plugged in instead of the coffee maker. *grumble, grumble* See? See what happens when my brain starts running low on caffeine?

Friday, September 01, 2006


Several years ago, before I went on a very long writing hiatus, I had a certain zeal about submitting paper manuscripts. My writing wasn't very good then, a lot of those old manuscripts make me cringe to read them now, but the thing was I felt productive. I was producing and getting my work out there, and that was something in itself.

I'm far more reserved about manuscripts now. I have a more critical eye when assessing what I've written and it's potential. I can't even begin to say how much getting epublished has helped cultivate my writing. Working with an editor helps tremendously--you see your mistakes, you get constructive criticism and you learn ways to better yourself as a writer.

It has been at least 10 years since I submitted a paper manuscript. Most everything I do now is electronic--everything from writing, to submitting, to reading books. In fact most of the paper books I tend to pick up these days are from a very small set of authors, ones that I have on auto-buy. I'm actually collecting their books rather than just picking them up for reading, so I buy them on sight.

The rest of the paper books I buy are new releases I hear about and am specifically looking for, or old gems I come across at a second hand bookshop. Either way, those books are few. Not because I don't like taking chances on new books, but because the hot futuristics and paranormal titles I look for tend to be available online!

Well, a few weeks ago, I went to the second hand bookshop and found a book that normally wouldn't be to my taste. It was a historical romance about Vikings, but it was from very popular writer who has written tons of romances over the years. I've read one or two of her books here and there, and after I read the back blurb of this one, I thought it would make for an interesting change and so I bought it.

I finally sat down to read the book yesterday, and I was stunned. There were several writing no-nos in there, right on the very first page. I could just picture my editors standing over me with a ruler in hand, thwapping me on the knuckles if I had written that. It took some mustering to make it through the first two chapters because the no-nos were frequent and very distracting, but I finally slogged through it, and by that point the book either started to smooth out, or I finally managed to turn off my internal editor enough to get into the story. Once I'd put the book down, I was about two-thirds of the way through it, and I couldn't help thinking about the style of that book and my own writing.

I've thought about trying to sell a book into print for a while, and I've even thought about companies I'd like to target. But I never felt quite ready. I always offered up excuses to myself like: I'll wait one more month. Or, maybe next year because I have another short story I need to write first. Okay. Right on. Am I queen of stalling or what?

After reading that book the other day, I realized I am ready to take my chances with a print manuscript again. Stalling over the fear of rejection and not being worthy somehow isn't doing anything but holding me back. I hold myself back. In the long run, that's just begging for unhappiness. All I can say for myself is I better get writing. Excuses are no longer an option.

**On another, lighter note, there are nifty things afoot over at the Midnight Moon Cafe. The lovely and talented Cassandra Curtis has posted the cafe's first round of flash fiction. Be sure to check it out!