Friday, August 04, 2006

Thumb-sucking Kitty Doll

EBay owns me. Oh, yes, it's true. I am a honest-to-goodness shopaholic on the best of days, but put me in front of eBay and my brain cells begin to sizzle.

I collect 80s toys--stuff I had or liked when I was a kid. (Yes, believe the rumors. There was actually a time I was under 25.) For me, eBay is like the Shangri-La of those much coveted toys. Whenever I get stressed ((Back off, Dr. Phil!)) or I have a few extra bucks to spend frivilously, I go hunting for lost childhood treasures.

Like thumb-sucking kitty dolls. *glee* I got my first one in kindergarten. It was one of my favorite toys--of which I have only three. 1.) A 1983, black signature Cabbage Patch Boy with red fuzzy hair with blue eyes. 2.) A rust colored bull dog Pound Puppy from 1985. And 3.) a mangy, gnarled up, gray Nyamy kitty from 1979.

Am I pushing your NERD ALERT buttons yet?

My old Nyamy kitty was falling apart, so about 6 years ago, I replaced him with a mint one I found on eBay. I paid way too much for it depending on who you ask, but I got him, brought him home and squeeeeee'd with joy. Then came Pepper, the black nyamy I found about a year later. Mint condition black fur and cute bandana around the neck. Purrrfect! Into the curio cabinet he goes.

Last night, I bid on the creme de la creme of yummy Nyamy kitty-beasts. *drumroll*

Vanilla! I have you, I have you! I paid too much AGAIN, but I won, I won! *glee* *shimmy* *booty wiggle*

Ahhhh.... I feel semi-human again. Shopping beast sated for the moment, I may now resume working with a clear head.



  1. Hilarious. At least you can admit to your faults! You're addicted to ebay - it's ok! I'm sure you're not alone!

    I have to cut myself off of that place cos I can get on a roll. It's baaaaaaad. Evil. LOL

  2. LMFAO...the first step is admitting it, Cora.

    We all have our little addictions that make us feel better!!

  3. OMG! It looks like a monchichi! Don't be so hard on yourself though. I love shopping 80s toys too through Ebay. About two months ago I bought an ALF to replaced the one my Chihuahua ruined years ago. I also bought a little Gizmo (remember Gremlins?). BTW, I still have an original Rubic Cube. ;)

  4. Sub offer on the blog for today only if you’re interested.

    As I’m on a week’s holiday and spending it at home, a game is also on offer if interest is high enough. You’ll need to leave a comment if you want a game to run this week. The game will run from tomorrow until Friday.


  5. Ohhhhh, I soooo hate you for finding those kitties!! I had one too, got it in first grade (the white one, Peppi), I hauled that thing everywhere with me until it's head fell off three years after I got it. I was heartbroken. I'll get my hands on another one just yet, you watch! :)


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