Thursday, August 31, 2006

Notes in a Spiral Bound

I finished my first round of edits for Wicked Temptation yesterday. Woot! I read them and reread them and made changes until my eyes went all blurry and I had to give it up. On the last pass, I checked for anything red I might've missed, then sent it off. So that's one down...

I spent most of the day doing revisions, but I made a point of having lots of play time with the baby between visits to the computer. He's 15 months now, and has just discovered coloring. So we colored in coloring books, danced to Jack's Music Show, and played with his Fisher Price toys: helicopter, musical dump truck, and the chubby animal farm/barn thing. By the time his brother came home from school, I was looking for an escape, lol! I managed to get the laundry on before Mini-boy returned to cling to my legs and whine. Ah, the joys of motherhood. ^_^

I didn't get around to checking over my wip until hubby made it home. By then he wanted my attention, so I did one quick pass over my notes, scribbled a few more while he ran a bath, then spent the rest of the evening with him and the boys. Looking back on the day it doesn't seem like I did much of anything, but man, was I beat when it was finished!

Today I'm breaking out the wip. It's still only notes in a spiral bound, but it's coming along at it's own pace. The characters are speaking to me, I just need a few minutes to listen to them and jot down the conversations.


  1. Hi Cora! Man your day sounds like my every day! Today I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off and if I get a whole whomping total of an hour in actual writing time here - I'm going to be estatic! But the kids are only young once :)

    Have fun roughing out the conversations!

  2. Congrats on getting something done! It's hard to work with kids, and I include hubbys in that mix!

    With Love,

  3. Nicole: Yes, that pretty much sums up a lot of the everyday stuff that goes on here. lol I sometimes have to write in 15 minutes stretches then give it up to chase the baby around for a while.

    Tara: LOL! Yes, hubbys should definitely be included in that mix. ^_^


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