Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Metaphor for a Missing Moment

I only have a about ten minutes to blog, I'm expecting a phone call at 3 and need to get my rump of the computer. I managed to plow my way through a rough spot I was having with Wicked Temptation this morning. Now that it's down, I'm moving on to the last bits that need completion. Cobblestone has graciously given me to the 15th, to get my story in, so I'm taking advantage of every moment. If I'm not around in the coming days you'll at least know why.

As for the phone call, I'm waiting to hear from hubby. He just learned this morning he is up for a major, major promotion. Neither of us expected this. He is very happy about it. Me? Not so much. I hope he doesn't take it, not because I don't think he can handle the job, but I don't want him to be bogged down with work that it takes up even more of what little home time he has. And this job will make him a supervisor, and I know it will do just that. The pay would be nice. We could pay off a lot with the increase. But really, I'd rather take our time paying things off and still get to have him home on the weekends rather than sacrifice hometime for a raise.


  1. Happy Lughnassadh! Good to hear you were able to tame that naughty spot in your story and that CP gave you 15 more days to finish it. *wg*

    As for your DH's job, men things differently from women. We women want them to have a good job that provides for the family as long as they are at home and share with it. Men see jobs as an extension of their penises. The better the position and money, the more manly they feel.

  2. Happy Lughnassadh to you as well! ^_^ I'm burning candles, baby. Hehe.

    That's so true, Tempest. Men do think differently about the work front. I told hubby what I thought when he came home, but ultimately the decision is his.

  3. I'd be the same regarding raise vs. hometime.



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