Monday, August 07, 2006

Magical Monday

Okay, we all know most Mondays suck, but today really wasn't too bad. I've been writing for the most of it, although I also managed to load the dishwasher, read a little bit in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, make a trip to town, spend some movie time with the boys, and I even submitted a little something-something to The Crabby Cows to shred. It actually was quite painless--the submission, I mean. The work was something I've had on the backburner a while, and it surprised me to see it wasn't too bad. They liked my voice. *g* I've made a list of their comments so I'll know what to change in the passage.

On another note, my favorite area candle maker--Mary's Candles--is no longer selling at my local store. I'm wondering if maybe they've gone out of business. I certainly hope not. They make the best orange (pomegranite scented) candles I have ever used. Looks like I'm going to have to crack a phone book and find out what's going on. I hope they're not gone permanently! I don't know where I'll get my orange candles if they're not around anymore.

Tonight I'll be finishing off the last chapter of Wicked Temptation and printing up the lot of it. I'm going to do a complete read through again of the book. Really, I need to take a pic of the amount of paper I go through just for one story. You'd be surprised, considering I write ebooks. I use a lot of paper. And usually most of a black ink cartridge per book.

OH! I almost forgot... I wanted to post a reminder about my contest. You still have time to entered to win one of four prizes. All you have to do is sign up for my Cora Zane newsletter--the sign up box is on the right hand side of this page. The first issue will contain the name of the contest winners. (The names will also be posted here, August 18th--the last day to sign up.)

The Midnight Moon Cafe is also hosting a post contest today. Just go and post about the hot guy picture, the best scene you can think up. You might be the winner of a cute journal with a kitty on the front. Fun stuff!

In case you didn't notice, (I'm sure you did though, lol) I posted an inspirational pic today. He looks a little young to me, but boy does he have some tasty abs. How can you not stop to stare? ^_^


  1. Whoohoo! That's a hot bod. Um Um good! LOl

  2. My Monday wasn't too bad for once. And its going on Tuesday so what a nice pic to come to :)

  3. Hah! What a pic - thanks for sharing. :)

    Glad your Monday was good. Mine was too, though not very productive, writing-wise. sigh...

  4. Yesterday sucked. And today it sucked too. It's going to be one long sucky week.

  5. I live for the day that I meet someone with abs like that!


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