Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Full Moon Fantasy Chat Tonight

Attention werewolf romance fans: Full Moon Fantasy madness Starts tonight!

Join Full Moon Fantasy authors Brandi Broughton, L. Shannon, Loribelle Hunt, and Cora Zane in the Cobblestone Press chatroom tonight starting at 7 pm (CST)

Time is running out!
Sign up now to join the Full Moon Fantasies Yahoo! Group and be eligible for tonight's drawing for a free copy of Brandi Broughton's LYCAN INSTINCT.

Future chats, with more prizes and fun, will be held each month on full moon nights. Hope to see ya there!


  1. I love full moons! I think I'll go to the roof and read some vampire romance on ebook tonight. :)

  2. I attended one similar to this the other night. It's so tough for me to get to the pc in the evenings. My boys have the house in chaos during that time, i.e. supper, showers, snacks, fighting over who gets to pick a movie...

  3. What time is this for the UK?


  4. Tempest, it was great chatting with you! Sorry I had to leave so abruptly. Rune was tugging at my jean shorts crying to go to bed. Poor baby was tired.

    Zinnia, I know what you mean. It's tough for me to get on at that time too. My boys start wearing down around that time of evening.

    M.E.!!! I'd love for you to come to the chats!! I think 7 pm (CST) equals around 1 am (BST). I'll post the chat a little earlier next time, so hopefully you can drop by and say hello. :-)


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